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Hypertension The Corporate Disease
Parinaz Humranwala.
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` Nux-v.

Each generation is churning out more and more qualified people. And as competition gets increasingly darwinian, the young, upwardly mobile, professional is pushing himself hard and fast to stay ahead of the pack. And laying a price for it!.

For people who have begun to peak early and once at the summit of success, they find they have nowhere to go except to the friendly neighborhood cardiologist!.

Let me describe the life of my Nux-vomica patient who had no time for his family and worked like a racehorse.

Mr Kapoor who came from a middle class family was family was egg-headed as a child. He joined the educational rat-race and passed his exams with flying colours. He then took up a job in a multinational company and planned his priorities from day one. The rhythm of his life was set. (To him it had all seemed right then. It still did, except for the fact that if he were to rewind his life, he would reset his pace). The deadlines and targets in his marketing job head loomed larger than the darkening circle around his eyes. And 13 hours a day just did not seem enough time to achieve them. He remembered how his boss had put his enthusiasm to "initial zest". The pep, however did not fizzle out as predicted. The boss is not always right, after all-the wife, however, was, As he jumped jobs and leaped higher in hierarchy, the BP and the ECG must have started going erratic too. And even as he involved himself in pushing up the sales figures and launching new companies, his wife had kept her fingers crossed.

Even when he reached the top he did not merely delegate the work. He believed in personal involvement. He always wanted to be the frontman, to be known as a guy who has achieved something. Initially, he ran to keep pace with others. Then people started betting on his marketing performance...and he kept running till he realized that he had lost track of his lifes course. What our young executive did not see was that he had ceased to live. Only his ambition did. What he did not hear were his wifes complaints. If he took her for a holiday it was always a situation of work cum pleasure, with the former taking a primary role.

He would rise at six in the morning and by seven oclock he would be seated for his breakfast with the "Economic Times" on his right. At eight oclock sharp he would steer his new "Esteem" on to the streets of Bombay city. If the taxi raced him by overtaking him from the wrong side he would ace up to the cab, roll his window down and hurl a few abuses.

Not a day did his head hurt or stomach pain. In fact if his peon complained he labelled the fellow as a hypochondriac.

Everyday he felt that time was running out. He negotiated with ten people a day, received almost double the amount of calls, as he planned to achieve his goal by the age of thirty five. That, ironically, was to be time when he cracked down too. It happened all of a sudden when he was going to the office in his car. For the first time he did not turn left to go to his office, but slowly drove his car to the right, to reach his neighborhood doctor. He was hospitalized and diagnosed to have developed hypertensive traits owing to the unreasonable demands he he made on himself. On the wifes insistence, a psychiatrist was brought in.

"Do you enjoy the food that you eat? Do you even notice it? Out food is so colourful. White rice, yellow dal, green vegetables. orange pickles. Do you hear the crunch of the papad when you break it?" the doctor had asked.

The doctor had been so right. Mr Kapoor had not paid attention to anything. Nothing had seemed important to him except realizing his ambitions-not his food, nor sleep, not family nor friends.

After 2 weeks of rest he was allowed to resume work but at a slower pace. During this period of compulsory rest, he read the book quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra and was inspired by its contents.

When he came in for Homoeopathic medicine he was being treated with Tenormin-50 once a day. I found the epicenter of his case to be burning ambition".

Nux vom fits his lifestyle and to transfigure this story into rubrics we have the following-

  1. Anxiety about business. (SR I 66)
  2. Businessman-worn out from. (SR I 118)
  3. Conscientious about trifles. (SRI 180)
  4. Fastidious (SR I 472)
  5. Activity-restless. (SR I 11)
  6. Greed .(SR I 565)
  7. Always in a hurry. (SR I 580)
  8. Sedentary Life.
  9. Talking,excessively about his health (what a detailed narration he gave me of his burning desire t reach the top which finally culminated in visits to doctors). (SRI 994)
  10. Anger (SR I 26)
  11. Cursing and swearing (SR I 191)
  12. Cannot support injustice. (SR I 633)
  13. Discolouration-bluish-around the eyes. (KR 358).

Mr Kapoor was given Nux-vom 200 to begin with, which was later stepped upto 10 M over a period of eight months. With the change in his life-style and pattern of thinking and lowered BP within two months his completely. Eversince he has been normotensive.

If we can recognize the Lycopodiums, Carcinosins and Nux vomicas at an early stage then-may be a Homoeopath with the power of his tiny mini pills and a bit of psychotherapy could save them from the tubes of the ICCU.