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Case Study

Silent Grief Raises The Pressure
Aradhana Sheth.
` Nat-m.

Mr S K aged 40 years came on the 21 st July 1995 with complaints of giddiness and heaviness of the head since 8 days. On taking his blood pressure it was found to be high ie 150/100 mm Hg. He was prescribed allopathic medicines for the same. He took this medicine for about a week but it gave him no relief in his complaints and so e decided to take Homoeopathic treatment.

The headache and the giddiness were worse in the daytime and worse in the sun. He was better by lying down and by rest.

His other complaints were 2-3 unsatisfied stools in a day which had persisted for a week. He also complained of retrosternal burning and some coryza.

Cravings-Sweets (3+), milk (2+) spicy (3+.
Thirst-cold water, frequent.
Sleep-easily at any place, at any time. No particular dreams:

Life Space:

Just before his complaints started,he had lost his father after a history of hemiplegia. A few days after his after a history of hemiplegia. A few days later his mother took ill. Hi brother was admitted to the hospital with cardiac complaints and hypertension in the same period. All these event came within a span of 15 days. It was during this stressful period that the patient was detected as having a raised blood pressure. The patient desired to weep but was unable to do so. He is reserved and talks less. He is very sensitive by nature and is greatly affected on seeping accidents and sad events. He was unwilling to talk about his mental anxiety and seemed greatly affected and was in turmoil by the series of events in the past few days.

Examination: Pulse-85/min, Blood pressure-160/100 mm hg.

Treatment and follow-up:.

Natrum-mur 1M, single dose was given followed by SL.
31/7/95-BP 160/100 Hg./ Giddiness increased. Severe headache. Treatment:Placebo.
7/8/95-The patient came looking cheerful and had no physical complaints whatsoever. His stools were regular and once a day. 
Blood pressure measured-130/90 mm Hg. Placebo given. Ever since the BP has remained normal.