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Case Study

A case of hypertension
Madhusudan Adoni.
` Nat-m.

Mrs H S, 50 years of age came on 24th April 1994 with the following-.

Chief complaint: Acute pain in right knee joint.
Past history: Known hypertensive since 4 years known Myocordial Ischaemic, chest pain 6 years to keep herself all right. Whenever she stopped or missed a single dose of medicines her BP rose Some medicines used were Aldomet, Dilzem 30 mg and Cardicap TR. Her BP is maintained on these allopathic drugs since 4 years and which had stabilised at 150/95. She also gets palpitation, giddiness, dyspnoea and excessive sweating.

Personal history:

Desires-salt 3+, chilly things.
Aversion -not significant, 
Sweat-colourless,does not stain
Sleep-disturbed, Dreams-Of daily work,


General Examination:pulse-72/min, BP-145/95 mm of Hg. 
Constitution-fat, stout, dark, obese.
Chilly patient 3+ Vertigo and restlessness.

Systemic Examination:

CVS-Myocardial ischaemia, Hypertension.

Mentals:Depressed (3+), Irritable (3+). Grief(3+) Grief-Intense grief because of her sisters sudden demise 4 years ago. The patients sister who was not financially well of was survived by her 3 children.

This Proved to be a great shock in the patients life.

Totality of Symptoms: Grief, irritable, depressed, salt (3+) were the most valued symptoms. The selection of would rather state that the evaluation of the symptoms and converting them into rubrics is not as much important, as the process of obtaining the essence of the case above totality takes you to the wonderful polychrest remedy of recognition called Natrum mur, common salt (NaCL).

If we think of a miasmatic approach in dealing with this case, one can quote this remedy as antipsoric as well as antisycotic.

Natrum-mur covers this case from all angles ie selection on causative factor, selection on mentals, selection on miasmatic basis. But my selection was mainly on the basis of the causative factor.

Selection of potency: Whenever your selection of remedy is very correct you must choose a high potency. Therefore I chose 1 M potency.

Management: No sooner the case was referred, I stopped all the allopathic drugs.

Natrum mur 1 M, 6 globules on 24/4/94 as a single dose and kept her on SL. Three days later her general condition was fine and BP 130/80 mm of Hg. Pain in knee-joint was ameliorated. And she lost some weight now. There was also a slimming effect on body.

Record of Blood Pressure measurements:.

23/4/94: 150/96 mm of Hg.
25/4/94: 130/80 mm of Hg. 13/6/94: 120/80 mm of Hg.
2/5/94: 120/80 mm of Hg. 6/7/94: 120/80 mm of Hg.
1/6/94: 120/80 mm of Hg. 17/7/94: 120/80 mm of Hg.
Knee pain subsided completely with no relapse till data.
Auxiliary Treatment: Low salt, low fat diet, open air exercise, moderate rest.

EDITORS NOTE: I would strongly recommend gradually tapering off the allopathic medicines. Suddenly discontinuing them may precipitate a hypertensive crisis I consider the doctor lucky that this did not happen in this case.