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Case Study

The Tomboy and the Carefree Father
Vishpala Parthasarathy.
` Lach.


Mrs GS, 60 years of age and a South Indian, was widowed at the early age of 40. Her husband was then 47 years old. He was an assistant Manager in Metal Box. She was the 5th of seven daughters, the last two being twins who had each other for support also being a novelty probably therefore saved them the humiliation of being girls. As for the patient, to add insult to injury of being unmarried she never conceived a child and developed hypertension in 1970. When she came to me in February 1995m she had sudden painful swelling of the right foot and left index finger which was worse in the morning and evening.

She was has tendency to fall in this phase., Her BP ranged from 160/110 mm of Hg to 178/95 mm of Hg to 150/90 m of Hg with with acute yearly attacks with vertigo, blackout, burning eyes and swelling. Where she was on Adelphane-Esidrex once daily.


Mild calf pain. Pulling and drawing pain relieved by hard pressure. Occasional dry cough. Headaches due to stress and Sun Sensitive Noise (3+) and strong light. She also has itching at the neck since 50 years worsened by wearing a necklace made of gold.


Weight : 65 kgs, Height: 5 ft 5 in
Teeth : carries and pyorrhoea. In 1980. All teeth removed.
Appetite : N
Craving : Sweets (3+), Ice creams. (3+), cakes.
Stools : Constipation on travelling.
Sleep : Nad
Thermal : Worse fan. Worse sun.
Cold bath.


Born in 1935, the fifth girls of the family. As a reaction she became a tomboy. She did not want to study and ate a lot of jaggery. All her sisters got married but the patient refused marriage. One of her cousins told her father to take her to Bombay, where she met a boy but the patient refused him by giving the reason of inability to manage on an income of Rs 400 per month? However the boy insisted and he took her photograph. Three years later he had earned Rs 60000,. which he attributed to her lucky photograph. He came back and married her in 1956. Her father then bought a home for Rs 15000/- Later when she did not conceive,she wanted to adopt a child but her husband refused saying "We cannot take anothers child. We cannot discipline it or hit it". So she offered her husband said "Just look after neighbors buildings children, that is enough for me".

In 1964, her husband had a heart attack worked went on strike and created tension for him. In 1968 they moved to the office flat at Pedder Road. In the rains of 1975, and had another heart attack and he expired. The company gave her Rs.1.25 lacs compensation and the new flat was offered to her at cost price as the husband died on duty.

She now lives a comfortable life with the money invested and regular returns. However she is suspicious of her neighbours and questions their good intention.

MENTALS: Irritable (3+) Cannot tolerate contradiction. . Likes people. Anxiety health. Sharp memory. Fastidious. Talkative. Likes to feed people but is otherwise very calculative with money.


13/2/95: Lach 200 one dose.
20/2/95: Pain in the thigh better. BP 160/130 mm Hg.
27/2/95: Pain in the thigh better by 90.
BP 170/100 mm Hg. Lach 1M one dose.
24/4/95: Pain in the joint and index ginger.
better > 3+ BP 140/100 Hg.
16/10/95: BP 170/100 mm of Hg.
8/12/95: Adv Serum Uric Acid examination.
22/12/95: Uric Acid 10.1 and BP 180/90.
Treatment-Xyloric tab TDS.
The patient is still under treatment for her BP. Her BP which ranges from 160/90 mm to 160/100 mm of Hg and the allopathic medicine is being tapered off.

In this case it is important to note the reason for the raised BP ie the raised Uric Acid. I want to stress the importance of bringing down the uric acid level by homoeopathic or allopathic or allopathic remedies because only then will the BP come down.


Mr RS 38 years of age and a printer by profession came on 29th Feb 1996 with raised BP since a year (190-/110 mm of Hg) which started after a period of anxiety in business. In increased with resultant loss of sleep and exertion.

Other complaints include-Frequent sun headaches, severe coryza once in 3 months. He sweats profusely, has dandruff on the scalp, bits his nails and has carries of teeth. Loves to eat food especially the spicy ones.

sleep-disturbed at 3 am.

Family history-High BP in father. Mother had a thyroid problem.

LIFE STORY: Born in Bombay in 1957, eldest of three. Has a brother aged 33 and a sister aged 36 years. The patient is a Bachelor of Commerce. In studies was very carefree and never revised his studies at home. He was fond of food, sports, clothes, friends and spending money. Obstinate.

He has a son who is much like him but 10 times worse! This has almost caused his mother to have a nervous break down. The father sees this reaction of the mother as abnormal, All I, as his doctor advised also had no impact!.

MENTALS: Irritable (3+). Anxiety before doing a job.


26/2/96:Nux-vom 200 HS three doses.
14/3/96: BP 150/90 mm of Hg.
Allopathic anti-hypertensive, 3/W.
25/3/96:Nux-vom 220 (3) HS. Allop 1/2 tab alt day
2/4/96: P normal: All allopathic medicines stopped.
16/4/96:BP=1340/90.Under observation.