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Case Study

Case 58: Homoeopathy treats a patient not a disease
Dr Afshan A Balekundri

A patient, ZM 35yrs old, unmarried female, OPD no 22790/07, residence of Belgaum, came with the following complaint on 29-10-07.

  1. Eruptions around both the ankles since 3 years.
    Onset: Gradual. Location: Around both ankles, more on the right side. Itching and scratching leads to discharge of yellowish, sticky discharge. Bleeding after scratching. Forming thick crusts on the eruptions. Associated with burning. Itching < touch, touch of cloths, < cold water application, > hot application.
    Past History: H/o Similar skin complaints in the past treated with external application.
  2. Recurrent cold and coryza since 2 years. 3 to 4 months since 2 years.
    Onset: Starts with sneezing followed by watery discharge from the nose and eyes.
    Associated with burning in the eyes. Cough since 15 days. Expectoration scanty, whitish, sticky.
  3. Tingling and numbness in the hands since a year.
  4. Headache left side since 1 month.
  5. Cough since 15 days.
  6. Sleep disturbed since 1 month.

Family History: Father: Asthma, Mother: Asthma?, 4 brothers, one died due to Ca stomach. Other 3 brothers: No health related problems. 6 sisters, 2 died due to unknown reason.

Others: No health related problems.

Menstrual History: Menarche at 15 years, h/o delayed menses in the past.

Personal History
Diet: Mixed.
Appetite: Normal
Thirst: Reduced
Bowels: Constipated, unsatisfactory, stool hard.
Sleep: Disturbed
Dreams: Not significant
Desires: Spicy
Perspiration: Increased

Mentals: Worries about her marriage, wants to be in company of children. Gets angry easily, but tries to control it. Cannot bear loud noise. Worries about eruptions around the legs.

Vital Signs: Pulse rate: 90/min. BP: 200/110
Local Examination of Skin: Vesicular and pustular eruptions around both the ankles, associated with swelling and redness around the ankles. Bleeding cracks in the lesions.

Remedy Selected
29-10-07: Graphites 200/ 1 dose. Placebo/1 week.
12-11-07: Itching reduced but still persists < night, discharge from the eruptions reduced. Eruptions dried. No new eruptions. Swelling around the ankles reduced.
Headache reduce, tingling and numbness in the hands reduced, passing normal stool. BP: 170/100 mm of Hg. Placebol/1 week.
17-12-07: All previous complaints reduced. Backache since one week. BP: 160/100 mm of Hg. Placebo/1 week.
31-12-07: Eczema reduced. BP: 140/94 mm of Hg. Placebo/1 week.

The goal of treatment with Homoeopathy is Freedom from suffering and a sense of well-being.