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Case Study

Rapid Cure With Causation
Renuka Katta.
` Nat-s.

Most people think that Homoeopathy is very slow in its path towards cure. Truly, it is the highest ideal of cure as Hahnemann said in 2nd Aphorism in his Organon ie it is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health. But, in most of the cases many young Homoeopaths need much time due to lack of the Natural suppression of disease which was suppressed by so many means. According to Dr Vithoulkas they have to overcome each suppression layer by layer, just like peeling of an onion, to restore the patients health.

I would like to share my first experience which taught me the importance of Causative factor.


A female aged about 50 years came to my clinic with complaint of burning and itching of eyes with lachrymation. There was also bland nasal discharge since 1 year. She was a know hypertensive since 8 years. Euphrasia 200 (1) relieved her eye and nasal complaints. When I had to prescribe for her hypertension there was no symptom which could lead to the similar remedy. So, I inquired about the past. She informed that 8 years back she had an injury to her head and since then her BP was 170/110 mm of Hg.

Basing on the injury to head and sensitiveness to damp weather I prescribed Nat-sulph 1M id which reduced her Bp- to 130/80 mm of Hg within 10 days. For the last 2 months her BP was within normal limits and she had no complaints.

IN conclusion:

  1. If there is any peculiar, striking characteristic symptom, base your prescription on i.
  2. If cases present with few symptoms, ie one sided cases, prescribe on the causative factors.