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Case Study

My Life Is A Failure
Ashish Singala.
` Nux-v.

Manjeet Singh, aged 30 years, married for 5 years, consulted me for feeble erections and premature ejaculation. Due to these problems his wife failed to conceive. Semen analysis confirmed oligospermia.

Past History:

Umbilical hernia operated 10 years ago. Inguinal lymphadenopathy four years ago, some nodes have been surgically removed.

Physical Generals:

Anaemia + +
Desire--Warm Food, drinks
Prostatic discharge during stool
Perspiration after coition
Mentals (In patients own words):.
"Doctor my life is a big failure. Whatever I do, there are always a lot of obstacles. So I feel discouraged. Few years back I was considered very intelligent but now my memory is weak that I cannot find words to express my feelings. Before marriage, I was interested in friendship especially with girls, but now I have turned religious. I prefer to remain serious and not play jokes on others and feel very angry if others laugh at me. I do not want to eat anything, I eat only out of compulsion to keep myself alive. See my face, I have gone so weak that If eel inferior to others in respect of beauty and physique. I feel life is short and I will die soon. I weep when I think about myself and my failure."

Case Analysis:

  1. SR 47--Anorexia mentalis
  2. SR 367--Delusion thin he is
  3. SR 189--Credulous
  4. SR 499--Fear of falling
  5. SR 402--Discontented
  6. SR 678--Jesting aversion to
  7. SR 80--Anxiety health about
  8. SR 487--Fear of death
  9. SR 503--Fear happen something will
  10. SR 735--Memory weak--expressing oneself for
  11. KR 1296--Perspiration Coition after
  12. KR 667--Emission prostatic fluid, with stool.

Repertorization leads to Nux vomica which heads the list followed by Sulphur, Phos-acid, and Pulsatilla


19/3/95--Nux vomica 30 one dose daily at night for one month.
7/4/95--Patient reported marked improvement in his fear and developed a positive attitude towards life. Appetite improved.
He was given three doses of Thuja 200 on the predominance of sycotic miasm in the case. Thereafter Nux-vomica 30 continued for one month. During the treatment his wife missed her period and is now in the 9th month of pregnancy at the time of writing this article. A semen analysis also revealed marked improvement in the sperm count.

REPORTS: Semen Examination.

Before Treatment After Treatment
Quantity: 2.6 ml 2.3 ml
Consistency: Thick, Thick, white. white colour colour

Reaction: Alkaline Alkaline

Sperm Motility:

  1. Active motility 28 percent 52 percent
  2. Sluggish 53 percent 27 percent
  3. Non-motile 12 percent 16 percent

Abnormal spermatozoa 7 percent 5 percent
Spermatozoa count: 34 million 59 million.
per ml semen per ml semen
M/E: 8-10 pus cells PUF 3-4 pus cells PUF.
3-4 epithelial cells 3-4 epithelial cells.