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Case Study

Impotency - Dr Sehgals Approach
Satish Rana.
` Bell.

Mr Gagan, 22 years of age, was often seen roaming about my hospital before his first visit to me on 11/1/95. One day he entered when I was all alone and ready to close the hospital. His first words were "I was seeking this opportunity when you could be consulted in private. I dont want anybody else to know my weakness". He started his history like this "I get amorous dreams followed by loss of the semen. Although I wake up during that time, I have no control over it". While narrating his story he was laughing as if it was nothing serious. Shy, speaks a few words and then stops in between. Blindness on rising from the seat. "For the last three years I am suffering from this trouble but due to hesitation, I could not get proper treatment. Now, I have got married and the real problem troubling me these days is that I feel unequal to my wife. There is no erection at all or there is incomplete erection which disappears before accomplishing the act. Please do something very quickly (touching my feet). I feel lacking in manhood though I look like a man. This feeling brings in me inferiority complex, though my wife is very co-operative.".

His version completed my case-taking. The case was clear to work out the remedy according to the Sehgals System of Revolutionized Homoeopathy. On 11/1/1995 I gave the patient a dose of Belladonna 30 dry on tongue to be followed by Sac lac B D for one week. On 18/1/1995 he reported nocturnal emissions only once without dreams. Erections better, but "I am much worried about the vomiting. I vomit daily 3-4 times followed by a feeling of lightness" was his complaint. He was advised not to worry as this was a good sigh and given again Sac-lac in the form of Diskettes tid. On 26th Jan 1996, he reported no vomiting, no seminal losses, much better and long lasting erections. He had his first sexual intercourse the previous night. Following this improvement he visited me on 31/1/1995, 7/2/1995, 14/2/1995, 21/1/1195, 27/2/1995, 7/3/1995, 13/3/1995, and again on 15/5/1995 when I advised him to stop all the medicines (ie Sac lac) which he was taking. Selection of remedy was based on Dr Sehgals interpretation of the following rubrics.

Rubric and Reasoning:

  1. Hide, desire to--The patient did not want to be seen by anyone. He was observed by the author roaming about the clinic to find the opportunity to consult the doctor in complete privacy.
  2. Hides, things--While narrating his story, hesitates to relate his symptoms.
  3. Laughing, speaking when--Normally patients are very serious while telling about their diseases but this patient was laughing.
  4. Frivolous--Not very serious about his complaints.
  5. Sensitive, light to--the patient was shy like a young girl.
  6. Carried, desired to be fast--Patient said "please do something very fast".
  7. Praying--The patient bowed to the physicians feet and prayed. (Cross reference--Begging--a person asking for something he needs from everybody without the condition of capability. So here it is praying not begging, because he does not want to tell others about his complaints. Therefore, the questions of begging does not arise.)
  8. Delusion, poor he is--Feels something lacking, which in turn brings about in him, an inferiority complex.