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Case Study

The Shameless Man and other Cases
Mirza Anwar Baig.
` Sulph / Staph / Cact.

The common assumption is that a man being an active partner should take the initiative, but this is neither correct nor mandatory. Erection in man varies with instincts or conditions and situations as well. However in both the sexes, sexual arousal is marked by increased blood flow to the genital and pelvic areas.

Impotency can not be fully treated by an aphrodisiac or drugs (allopathic or Homoeopathic), but a selection of a drug on the basis of total simillimum can do the magic. Functional impotence can be overcome by re-established sexual responsiveness behaviour therapy.

Behaviour therapy depends on the behaviour which ultimately corrects the physiology of the nerves controlling the blood vessels in the penis and pelvic region through central nervous system. (For a normal arousal, a correct balance of hormones and an erotically focussed mental state is essential.)

It is possible to function sexually without feeling or desire. Also it is possible to feel desire but not be able to function.

The true Homoeopathic treatment will be based not only on the physical or mental level but on situational and behavioural levels as well. Here I would like to report some of my cases.


A 55 year old consultant, known to me in some business matters, phoned me one day. He said "Doctor, I am alone with my secretary but the penis is not functioning properly. That all comes on before I enter. Do you have any medicine for this"? For a moment I was shocked. I could never imagine such frankness and that too on telephone, from a person of a dignified status.

A dose of Sulphur 200 was sent to him which cured him completely. Only a Sulphur can talk in such an immodest way. A Sulphur is indifferent to external things. He does not care even if someone hears this conversation, nor does he care whether this is the right way to consult a doctor for such a complaint. Sulphur also covers the rubric--Seminal discharge, intromission, before.


The other case is of a middle class man. The details of the case were taken up by my assistant. He came to consult us for his medical unfitness due to ELISA +ve for HIV. He wanted to go abroad for a job but was rejected on medical ground twice. In frustration he tore the reports in anger. According to him he was sure that he could never get such a disease. His only complaint was perspiration on slightexertion.

The detailed history revealed that the patient was humiliated very often by his wife, even in front of his children but he never retailed. And while narrating his history he never used any bad words for his wife. The history further revealed that his elder daughter was murdered by her in-laws.

He could not do anything against them. He had four more children to look after. My assistant repeatedly inquired why he did not retaliate to his wife?.

I explained to her that this shows that their sexual life was not normal. He never retaliates to his wife but he tore his medical reports in a fit of anger. The other factors which have contributed to his illness were the grief of his daughters murder and suppressed anger. A dose of Staphysagria 200 was prescribed to him on the following rubrics--

  1. Ailments from mortification and humiliation.
  2. Effects of grief.
  3. Suppressed anger.

Staphisagria males are honest to their partners. They dont go elsewhere and that is why he was sure that he would not be a patient of AIDS and tore the reports.


A recently married couple. The bride groom developed impotency. That was his fifth or sixth day of marriage but he could not perform the sexual act.

He revealed that he performed the sexual act on the first night but later on every time he began, his wife objected and showed signs of aversion to sex. For the wife, sex was a bad thing and she wanted to have love but no sex.

Pulsatilla 1M, single dose was prescribed for both.


Another recently married couple had a similar problem. The husband was a young businessman, married to a beautiful girl. On his wedding night, he got hurt and bled profusely and was taken to a hospital. His penis was torn during intercourse and had to be stitched at the perenium. It was an unusual thing that the penis was ruptured rather than hymen. After this the husband did not have any erections.

The history revealed further that both were innocent. He did not know how? and she did not know why? He said after that day onwards he did not feel enough strength to enter in her.

Frequent doses of Cactus 30 given to his wife, solved his problem by curing her. The rubric taken was--Constriction of vagina.