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Case Study

 The Return of the Superman

Mohammad Aneesudin.
` Lyc.

It was in 1992, while at my native place on vacation, I met an old friend of mine who was recently married. I congratulated him and asked "How are things going?" "Excellent! he replied. "She thinks I am a Superman ".

After about four or five days the same fellow came to my house; this time in a miserable state. He was sad and depressed. I asked about the matter. When pressed he whispered with a gloomy smile and asked me to come out of the house.

He revealed that he had never indulged in any affair; he was religious and a reserved type of person. But one day suddenly he failed to have erection. This made him very nervous, so whenever he wanted to perform, he anticipated failure and become impotent.

After hearing his story, I remembered one of the dictums about Lyco was that, the fear of Lyco always walks ahead of him. This motivated me to prescribe Lyco. But some intuition directed me to test whether he was really impotent or was it his anticipatory anxiety. Hence I prepared two powders-one of SL and the other of Lycopodium 10M and marked them as one and two respectively.

Then I instructed him "Try powder number 1 tonight four hours before going to bed, with a glass of milk. But if it fails then take powder-number 2 the next morning.

It surprised me when he returned the second powder with a lot of praise and thanked me for making him a superman again.

I realized that he was a real Lyco but was not sick. Only his anticipation of failure made him a patient. For some medical problems that he developed at a later date, he required Lycopodium