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Kasivishwanathan T K.
` Mur-ac / Lyc / Plat / Puls.


A man, 28 years, had become completely impotent; no erections even after zealous external stimulation, in spite of active inclination. Initially Camphor 3c, one drop was given which decreased the inclination but gradually new life returned to the genitals. One drop of Muriatic-acid and later China 6c strengthened the patient completely. (D Schuller).

Clarkes Dictionary states on Camphor--"Increased sexual desire erethism, impotence, sudden laxness of penis - nocturnal emissions, involuntary masturbation.".

Muriatic acid--suppression of sexual desire-feeling of weakness in genitals or glans and penis relaxed--impotence"


A male complained that he could not fulfil his conjugal duties having 19 years of his married life, because when he goes to his wife she is "as hot as fire" and then his erection ceases. Cannabis 30C was given to him twice daily and his wife received Platina 6 c, twice daily and soon the conjugal bliss was restored and she became pregnant (Dr Hartung).

Cannabis-indica--Dr Hering says "sexual desire excessively increased; erections, while riding, walking, and also while sitting still, not caused by amorous thoughts-penis relaxed and shrunken" Cannabis-sativa "Increased sexual desire, impotence from sexual desire".

Platina Dr Clarke says "Unnatural increase of sexual desire painful sensibility and voluptuous tingling from genitals up into abdomen. Nymphomania which may occur even during the lying -- in period".


A man of 26 years, an onanist and not married was treated allopathically without effect for chest and stomach troubles, great irritability, hypochondriasis and nocturnal emissions minus erections and libido. He was now engaged to be married. He was prescribed Conium 30c, nine doses over four weeks and the nocturnal emissions were less with no debility. But erections and libido not lasting till ejaculations. Sepia 1500c was given every two days for several weeks. Nocturnal emissions were infrequent but coitus was now normal. The cure was completed with a dose of Lycopodium 30 c. (Dr Ehrnardt).".Conium, Dr Clarke says "Lasciviousness, impotence--Insufficient erections and absence of erections-want of energy in coition-erections imperfect and of too short duration-easy emission of semen even without firm erections. Weakness of sexual organs, much sexual erethism, amatory thoughts, even emissions provoked by mere presence of women.".

Sepia--Dr Hering says "Increased sexual desire with weakness of the genitals; during coition insufficient erection and little thrill. After coition great weakness in the knees."


Mr H, aged 23, weakened by masturbation for a few years had these symptoms. Emissions almost every night followed by stitching pains in left side of the forehead. Always having disagreeable sweetish taste; mouth always dry but not thirsty. Hard stools preceded by stomach ache. Goes to sleep very late in evening on account of sensation of tiredness and restlessness in legs especially in calves. Sepia 1500 relieved all in a week after that no emissions. After two weeks he complained of earache which was cured by Pulsatilla 30 c and the next day Sepiawas repeated and in 6 weeks the patient was completely cured. (Dr Boenninghausen)

SOURCE: Sexual abnormalities--Dr Rueckert, Hahnemann Gleanings-April 1954.