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Case Study

The Naturopathic Approach 
Prakash Kondekar.


A middle aged man, 45 years old, entered my clinic one morning, keeping a very low profile. He had visited many doctors for his problem of erectile dysfunction with no relief.

Investigations revealed good general health. A Semen analysis showed a normal sperm count of 90 million per cc.

The patient was asked to talk about himself and his family. For the next visit I asked him to bring his wife along. I interviewed her and found that it was her frigidity which has resulted in his impotency. Hence I had to give treatment for both.


  1. Initially both were given cleansing of body by lukewarm water enema for two days followed by neem water enema for two days.
  2. They were given counselling and hypnotherapy separately for different duration.
  3. For the first five days they were given a bland diet and later food substantially rich in oil and spices and coconut. Coconut is a good stimulant and also gives lot of energy and fibre.
  4. Breakfast of dry dates, almond and black raisins.
  5. Diet with predominance of wheat over rice and dairy products.
  6. Lot of sweets made from wheat flour, jaggery and coconut.
  7. Both were given" Coccyx Treatment" under Bowen Therapy (An Australian Drugless Therapy); hypnotherapy twice in a fortnight.
  8. Warm water daily before going to bed in the night.

The treatment was continued for about 40 days. Today they are happy with each others performances and leave no other complaints.


A young man of 28 years, married only four years but because of fear of some unknown illness (delusion of disease) he was not performing properly and avoided his wife as far as possible. His history revealed:-

  1. A habit of masturbation.
  2. Had visited a red light area for his sexual satisfaction.
  3. Herpes simplex virus before marriage. This fear of guilt was not allowing him to perform with his wife. There was no problem of Herpes now but he feared that he may be suffering from AIDS. HIV test was negative.

It was at this stage that he came to me for treatment.


  1. In this case also counselling was of utmost importance along with hypnotherapy.
  2. Body cleansing treatment for a week and total treatment for one month.
  3. His diet with predominance of leafy vegetables and particularly fenugreek (Methi)
  4. Enema, Sitz bath and body pack.
  5. Neem juice and chutney twice a week for 15 days.

After four months of this treatment, he is enjoying a normal married life.