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Case Study

Miraculous effect of LM Potency in Male Impotency
Dr Srikanta Choudhury

Impotency, as it stands in the Oxford dictionary: "unable to have full sex or reach an orgasm". The very long general belief among the masses is not the proper
term, as there is a candid difference between impotent and infertile.
However, the perpetual impotency of a long duration leads to infertility,which is a known fact. The case under review here is a pure case of impotency, which is cured by the use of LM Potency.

"Dr Choudhury, help me! Help me from the disaster!"- A young, gentle looking man of 28 enters my clinic. He is of medium-built with wheatish complexion and looked perplexed and anxious. His head was bent down and eyes lowered.
He seems a bit shaky too, may be because of the very nature of the complaint.
After getting a patient hearing from me, his eyes lift up to me.
He appeals, "I have tied my nupitals only a month back. Help me Doctor, or she might leave me for ever!"
Now, it was my turn to speak out. "Tell me young man, let me know your problem. Tell me everything, what ever you want to say".
The young man is a businessman by profession. What he revealed on that morning of 25th May 2003, is that he is in a great trouble of satisfying his spouse during conjugal meet. He has been feeling the mental urge but this did not fully reflect on this sex organ. "It does not erect to its full. With great mental effort, I had finished my course in number of occasions. I feel that she is really co-operating, but I suspect that she remains unsatisfied at the end of affair, although, she never expressed that. Doctor, I feel guilty! If this continues, she might disappear from my life or leave me alone. Save me Doctor." He added his spouse had even consoled him that he can overcome the problem, but he feels he should consult a doctor and so he came to my clinic. To ascertain the totality, I collected symptoms as below.

Main Problem :
Penis does not erect fully during excitement, which he has not noticed before marriage.

Associated Complaints :
1. Itching in the groin, sometimes severe while changing clothes in the evening.
2. Flatulence, Eructation as if taken rich diet.

Past History:
History of masturbation. He had not had sexual relations before his marriage. Only poor digestion, flatulence and acidity. 

Personal History:
Desire-Lukewarm food, fish, sweet.
Aversion-Rich food, milk that causes indigestion, aggravate flatulence.
Bowels-Not satisfied. Need 20 to 25 minutes to evacuate.Constipation.
Sleep-Habituated late riser as he goes to bed at later part of night. No deep sleep, slight sound disturbed the sleep.
Thermals-Prefers winter season.
Bath-Likes. Need hot water in winter.
Habits-Smoking but not to alcohol, tea.

Mental Symptoms:
Forgetful, Intellect, Slight cause makes him irritated. Idleness.

Family History:
No such report was given.

General Examination: NAD
Treatment :
Present complaint indicate Caladium-seguinum because:
1. No erection during excitement.
2. Pruritus.
3. Forgetfulness.
4. Lightness of sleep.

Caladium-seguinum-LM/1, LM/2.
One medicated globules No 10 mixed in 60ml of distilled water. Added 10-2drops of alcohol for preservation of the doses. Each phial divided into 8 equal doses. After 10 succussions two doses to be taken in the empty stomach daily morning and evening. After finishing the 1st medicine then will start 2nd one.Asked to report after 10 days.
reported that from the very next day of taking the medicine, he felt better during conjugal meeting. Within a few days, he felt the problem was gradually reducing. Now almost normal. He was suffering from abdominal disorder due to irregular lunch timing during the day in between and attended the relative’s invitation. Also, could now sleep less as both were spending newly coupling life.
Nux-vomica - LM/1, LM/2.
Prepare the doses as above stated procedure. Two doses daily for two days, then one dose daily.

He spent the last week of June for Honey-moon. The couple spends the week in ‘heavenly mood’ and visited me again to thank. I had adviced him to collect another course medicine on later because the case is syphilitic and Psoric combination. He needs anti-miasmatic remedies.

It is miraculous that the homoeopathic medicine acted much better, even in the days of Viagra. However, the LM potency acts even better.
Samuel Hahnemann had introduced this posology in his 6th edition of the Organon. This is the latest scientific contribution of our great teacher.
The advantages of LM potency over centesimal are:

  1. With LM potency the course of treatment can be minimized to half, quarter or even less.
  2. Highest development of power. The indwelling essence developed its full extent.
  3. ‘Ideal of cure’ only can materialize with this potency.
  4. Frequent repetition is permissible even in long lasting remedies, by which the remnants of symptoms will disappear.
  5. Mildest reaction. Can be safely administered even in most fatal cases.
  6. It requires no antidotes.

This is the superiority of LM potency. If we follow the directives of Our Master we will achieve our goal without any problem.