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Case Study

Homoeopathy handles a difficult Pregnancy
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy

Though this case did come to me for treatment of non-conception, I cannot claim full success for this, as she also did GIFT. We treated the pt’s husband and the quality of his semen improved. What I want to highlight in this case is how a tumultuous pregnancy was handled well by Homoeopathy.

This case of secondary infertility came to me in June 2000, where left tube was partially blocked (diagnosed through Laparoscopy).
Hormonal analysis: Prolactin was 5.9 (normal), T 3-16, T 4-7.9, TSH-1.2. HSG shows uterus normal.
Main Treatment started on 17/6/00-Lach once a week, Tub once in fifteen days.
Since Feb 2001 she was given Oophorinum 200 once a month till September 2001.
Then she got Intra uterine insemination. Her LMP was 25/12/01. And finally she got pregnant.
In March 02, Pt came to me for threatened abortion and was treated for the same. History: During her 1st pregnancy she did not have any labor pains and she was 16 days postdated; Labor was induced and waited for 12 hrs but in vain so ultimately Caesarian section was done. The details of this case are as follows:

Mrs K M 31 yrs of age came with the problem of Secondary infertility-Rt Fallopian tube partially blocked as seen in Laparoscopy. Though HSG showed no block. USG showed retroverted uterus and having small fibroid in fundus measuring 4.7cm.(Joy cyst one ovary did not rupture and formed a cyst-good for baby: Joy)

Other Complaints:
1. Petit mal epilepsy diagnosed in 1976. Details: Occurs once/week or daily. Her eyes turns upwards <Menses before <tension(during exams)<morning waking on. EEG showed sub cortical paroxysmal epileptic activity. Pain in the vertex < 5-8pm
2. Pain in the coccyx following Injury >sitting on the pillow. Which leads to numbness in the leg >hard pressure3.

Ht 5’6". Wt 77.4. There is wt gain of 10 kgs after starting hormonal treatment for conception.
Skin is very sensitive C/o ecchymosis. Bleeding gums ++. Perspiration normal.
App normal. Thirst less -3 glasses per day.Cr:fish3 sour3 green chilly3. Stool normal. Urine normal.
Sleep: gets 1-2 hrs to get sleep .it is unrefreshing.
Dreams frightful, prophetic
Thermals: Does not like summer. Likes winter, likes getting wet. Wants fan always. Covers head in winter and monsoon, no covering in summer. Bath with cold water in summer and tepid water in winter. C2H3.
Does not like to wear tight clothes, gets choking sensation.
M/H: FMP- 11 yrs of age. Cycle of 5-6/26days. Flow++. Clots++. Epileptic 2 days before menses. During menses hypogastric pain and backache <sleep in.
O/H: G2 P1A1L1.Long Delivery, no labor pain. Was 16 days post mature so Caesarian section was done.

Daily Routine:
6.30am wakes up. Prepares tea wakes her daughter and makes her ready to go to school.
7.15 am bath. Prays for 10 min.
7.45 am drops the child to school and then goes to office.
6.30 pm Home. Plays with child and goes out with her.

Life situation and mental state:
Father is very understanding, but gets angry easily. Mother very strict. Pt is attached to father.
Gets angry very easily when irritable speaks out. Also cries when gets angry. Had become rebellious when she was going along with a non-Parsi boy since parents refused to get her marry with him. Later she realized that he was not right person and were not made for each other.
Sympathetic to others. Very much attached to family members.Likes to be in company.
Fear of loosing dear ones. Gets nervous and worried.Anticipatory anxiety + obstinate 3 fastidious 3
Sporting woman-does cycling, has done karate till brown belt plays volley ball. Has also done modeling and has come first in beauty contest in her company.
Very hard working and loyal to her boss and the company and extremely efficient, but anxious3.





Intra-uterine insemination done in December
LMP 25/12/01.Jan started with hormonal treatment



Came with threatened abortion, bleeding PV dark .USG shows ovarian cyst 15mm but hormonal levels are WNL
Also c/o constipation with pain in anal region

Sep 200 7P, 1P=4
To take 4 hrly


> 2. Now brown spots.No pain,no consptipation

Sep 200 7P, IP=4 16/3/02


Small clots + 3/D .piles ++, but stool soft,
Rash on hip < breast,
Nausea++ >cold drinks. Uneasiness with fear in evening. USG shows bleeding but uterus is clean.>T.Stadren

Phos 200 7P, !P=3

Calendula MT for LA for rashes.


No bleeding-0/2D. Constipation 1/2D. Vertigo <am. Nausea+
Rash0. Eyes >1/W.
Piles pain >. App less

Phos 200 7P IP=3


Wk 15
Spotting>3. hemorrhoids painful <stool D. eyes>+ weakness++. Nausea+

Phos 200 7P IP=3


>3 constipation > but strain+ fissure pain >+fear+ headache+ weakness+ advised bed rest

Phos 200 7P HS


Wk 17
Bleeding 0. Spotting 0. Constipation 0. Restless in sleep
Slightly uncomfortable. Eyes+ weakness+. Stopped t.Stadron, cremalax

Phos 200 7P HS


Pain left flank <3pm. ?Kidney?Urine
Backache <sitting. Sweating + weepy. Hot3. thirst ++.urine normal.No stone

Berb-v 30 4P, 1P=4
Kali-ph 6x HS


19/4 pain3< 7-9pm > 5-7pm
20/4 no pain. nausea + > Ipec

Berb-v 1/2 hrly


22/4 colicky pain
23/4 pain 9am. Gas+++
USG abd pelvis NAD

Mag-ph 30 3P, 1P=3


Wk 18
>3 no pain. Gen >. Stool >. Weakness + sitting<. Stomach uncomfortable petit mal cramps <1/D. Vascular fragility so no sex

Mag-ph SOS
No treatment
Kali-ph 6x 4 hrly


5th month complete

Tub-b 1M 1D


> except ‘grahan’ so must not move

Phos 200 1D


26 weeks. weakness+

Tub-b 1M 1D 1st HS
 200 1D 2nd HS


29 weeks
weakness3. Breathless<talking. Pelvic bone pressure+. Shooting pain >Left. Nausea3. Sleep disturbed after 2am. Irritability leading to palpitation. Takes laxative. Eyes>. Thirst less2. dry mouth. Standing USG Normal. Baby coming down

Phos 200 3P, to be taken till Weakness


Hb=10. WBC raised

Urine report shows few pus cells



(Adv:- Autrin, Protinex powder 32 weeks.)
Urine infection> Citralka in water
Pelvic bone pain ,sitting for 10 months
35 weeks. BP +++. Deaf and partially blind



Urine dark. stool strain+. Child breach, head low throughout. Growth normal. Swelling feet, leg, face+. Breathless+ sleep less. Pelvic pain <side >back
Adv caesarian

Phos 200 4 hrly


Delivered baby boy by caesarian, weighing 8 lbs. Health N


Conclusion: In this case homoeopathy,helped at every step, bleeding, high BP.