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Case Study

And How do we handle the Husband?
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy

Mr F M, Parsee Zorastrian by caste, visited me in May 2001. He had done Diploma in Mechanial Engeneering. He had come to me with low sperm count with secondary infertility.

The details of the case:
Since 1984 C/o backache having shooting pain and stiffness A/F job < standing3 < sitting < morning on rising > warmth. He went to Dr Mamtora who said there is inflammation of L4, L5. He was prescribed lumbar belt for the same. Also had knee pain and hip pain < Climbing and > Physiotherapy O/E SLR 45.
Also pain in elbow since Nov 2000 < overlifting <AM >motion >hot fomentation diagnosed as tennis elbow.
Secondary infertility, having sperm count of 27 million. He was operated for varicocele in 2001 June.

Pt as a Person:
 Ht 6 ft. Weight 74 kgs.
Male type baldness.
Persp: profuse<sup< sup="">. back3.Non-offensive, non-staining.
App: good. Thirst ++. Cr: fish3icecream3 sweets2 warm food and drinks3. Av:sour3.
Habit of whisky and rum on social occasion.
Stools normal. Urine: normal. Sleep refreshing.
Thermal: Likes winter wants AC always. Light covering in winter, no covering in summer. CH4.</sup<>

Past History: Psoriasis, G6PD deficient.
Kidney dislocation due to crash dieting.
Jaundice twice. Mumps.

Family History: Fa bronchial asthma, Mo G6PD deficient Varicose veins.

Life situation and mental state:
Fa was a Priest and a school teacher in Satara .Pt comes from a poor family. Studied in Priest boarding school. Less income in house and 2 uncles and 3 aunts in the house, who did not marry.
In 1982 he became part time priest in Malcolm Baug, N M Wadia charity home.
1992. He met her girl friend though they knew each other since childhood. In 1993 they got married.
Gets irritated when his work is note done in time. He is reserved3 choosy3 shy with women. Hurried when walks. Sympathetic to others. Very helpful. Has fear only of God. Very organized and planned person. Perfectionist. Loves traveling and rains. Likes to be alone3. Speech slow.

Investigation: Urine shows Ca Ox crystals ++
14/5/01 Hb 13.6 WBC 10500, ESR 20.
BUN 12. S Uric Acid 3.8.
14/5/01 Semen opaque alkaline; fructose +ve. Total count 27 million/ml. 30% motile 70% non motile.
Biopsy: report of prepucial skin shows chronic nonspecific eczematous dermatitis.

Responsibility, over burdened:

·         Reserved

·         Likes Travel and nature

·         Fears less

·         Sympathetic

·         Fastidious

·         Shy to talk to women

·         Being alone >

Planning and Programming:
Acute Remedy: Back: Rhus-tox 200. repeated doses.
Deep Acting Remedy for Back: Calc-flour
Constitutional Remedy: Lyco 200
Intercurrent: Thuj: sycotic miasm and joints.
Carcinosin: Mind and joints
27/9/01 Backache >+tightness of elbow and



Case worked out

Carc 1M 1 D


>backache <sitting < walking, unable to walk

Carc-fl 30 HS


Pain  > 40% uric acid N

Carc-fl 200 1D


Tennis elbow pain

Rhus-t 200 7P, 1P=4


Physiotherapy started Back L4 ie 60% better

Thuja 200 1D 
Calc-fl 200 2nd Dose 
Rhus-t 200 SOS for pain


Pain <gettting up from seat. 
Hips pain > sitting erect SLR-R 60 L 50

Calc-fl 200 3P HS


R elbow pain++,back pain+

Rhus-tox 200 4P 1P=4 
Calc-fl 200 3P per week


30-40% >

Calc-fl 200 7P HS


Elbow 0. back pain >+

Ct all


A/F overexertion. Back ache < AM rising tightness.No elbowpain.Knee>

Calc-fl 200 7P 
Thuja 200 1D


Stiffenss back <AM3. 
R wrist pain++

Rhus-tox 200 5P 1P=2 
Thuja 200 27/9/01


Backache >+ tightness of elbow and wrist.(Deep aching remedy not bringing case to conclusion.So introduce the constitutional remedy at this stage.)

Rhus-tox 200 7P 
Thuja 200 1D 
Lyco 200 1P


Backache mild<AM >exercise elbow>

Lyco 200 1D


Back > Occ pain+

Thuja 200 1P 
Lyco 200 1 P


Pelvic bone pain. Lt knee pain.Burning in epigastria <eating after

Thuja 200 1D 
Rhus-tox 200 3P


Elbow pain 3 <touch.Tongue thick coated 
Acute pain so acute remedy,based on totality

Bry 200 4P, 1P=4 
Thuja 200 1D 
Lyco 200 1D


Since 2 days backache AF beding 
Skin flakes

Bry 200 4P, 1P=5

Followed by Lyco


Tennis elbow

Bry 200 7P, 1P=3


Treatement continued on the above lines. 
His semen quality improved.Meanwhile wife also got preganant