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Case Study

Once Crossed, is Cursed?
Dr S Parveen Kumar

A man aged 38 years, and his wife 32 years, came with primary infertility. They were happily married for last 18 yrs in a village near Nellore (AP) except for lack of a child.

Both were extensively investigated in Nellore and Chennai and found that the man had only 9 million sperms per cu. mm in the semen analysis. But more than the sperm count, he was treated for impotency. As usual, the cause of the impotency was psychogenic from their standpoint. He was treated by Andrologists, Psychologists, Homoeopaths and Ayurvedic Doctors but to no avail.

For the first 2 years of married life he had no problems. He is a farmer and owns very good fertile land. He is hard working and a very nice gentleman. Gets angry very rarely, does not harm anybody. Loves his wife very much and expresses concern about her feelings. He is well respected in his village.

While going through the details of the case it was found that he was having impotency for the past 15 years with frequent night emissions, flaccid genitals, early ejaculation. His desire for sex was not affected in spite of these complaints.

His wife conceived in the 2nd year of married life. But unfortunately aborted in the 3rd month after which she was forced to have rest for almost 8 months in her mother’s place. When she returned home her husband took all care of her but could not give her conjugal happiness. The couple waited for few weeks thinking that the problem would solve on its own. Instead it worsened and he started behaving erratically and developed anger and irritability at trifles. This changed disposition drove them to the doctors and in search of real solution they ran from pillar to the post.

Based on the available data he was already given Agnus-cast, Nat-mur, Thuja, Nux-vom, Yohimb etc.

The usual case taking and consequential result of the remedy was no better than the earlier homoeopathic physician. This prompted me to talk to the patient for some more time to extract any other relevant information. On probing further it was revealed that all his symptoms developed after he had sex with another woman while his wife was at in-laws place, after the abortion. He started feeling guilty and could not mingle well with his wife on her return. He was not able to forget the mistake he had committed in her absence. He even started feeling that as he had crossed the social barriers and had extra marital sex, acted as a curse to make him impotent and infertile. This feeling was not shared with anyone; not even with his closest friends.

When the rubrics like sense of guilt, Remorse, feeling of being cursed (Del Sinned away his day of grace), and not sharing the feeling were taken into consideration the following remedies were prominently seen viz; Verat, PhAc, Medo, Con, Hyo, Staph, Puls, Cocc, Ign, Merc.

But after final consultation with the Materia Medica only one drug appeared to be indicated in this case not only for the symptoms, but also the main causative factor. Hitherto we were only thinking that his remorse feeling or guilt feeling was the causative factor. But infact when the whole history was reviewed clearly, it was found that the man had kept his extra marital relationship as a very secret affair and he started suffering within, hence "Ailments from secret vice" should be the most appropriate rubric but unfortunately no repertory has given it so clearly. But the final court of appeal would never let you down and even in this case the Mat. Medica knowledge suggested the drug Selenium which was given in successive potencies in infrequent doses over a period of 6 months.

Satisfactorily the patient not only felt relieved at symptomatic level, but there was also considerable improvement with his sperm count reaching to 24 millions/cu.mm. More cheers were brought to the suffering family and treating physician when the patient’s wife conceived recently.

In this case the ‘ailments from secret vice’ was a very crucial point which clinched the remedy Selenium keeping aside all other remedies. This case reiterates two important points (i) routine case taking will not yield desired results in difficult cases (ii) Materia Medica is final court in such cases.