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Case Study

Case of Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)
Dr Anand Kapse
Dr Pankaj Yadav
'Nat-m / Sil

Mrs UMC, born on 13/05/1974; studied till 9th Std; Married; Maratha, Hindu; Non-Veg 19/05/1996, came for consultation on 18/09/2001.
Her Husband is 37 Yrs and is in the Flower business.
Father: 60 Yrs. Mother: 50 Yrs, Brothers: 24 Yrs.
Sisters: 4 Sisters-35 yrs, 33 yrs, 31yrs, 29 yrs.

Chief Complaints :


Sensation & Pathology



Female Reproductive system

Primary Infertility PCOD

Not > allopathic treatment for 9 month. 
December 2000 
Laparoscopy - Bilateral PCOD Cauterization 
Ovulation Induction 
with Clofert for 6 months


Associated Complaint :


Sensation & Pathology



Head - whole 
Since = 2-3 years 
F = 1-2 times / month 
D= ½ - 1 hrs




Appearance: Short, well dressed, neat & tidy. Grimaces++
Perspiration: General++, Odors++
F.M.P = 14 yrs.
L.M.P = 07/09/01.
Menses: Regular. Cycle: 30 Days.
Duration: 3 days initially, now 1 day.
Flow Scanty, Black Stains +, Not Fast.
Sexual Desire: Less, Husband has sexual relations against wife’s wishes, but she allows. At times fights with husband on petty matters when H approaches for sex. H has to withdraw.

Summer dislikes. Winter likes.
Fan Summer-Fast, Winter-0
Covering: Summer-no covering, Winter-blanket up to head, Soles always covered.
Bath in summer-cold, winter-tepid.
Thermal C3H2.

Weight=51 Kgs Pulse = 90/Min

HIV negative.
BSL normal.
URINE normal.
HB 14.5.
Laparoscopy = Bilateral PCOD.
Endometrial Biopsy Late proliferative endometrium.
Husband’s Semen Analysis; Sperm count 90 mill, 50% motile Gr III, IV.

Mrs UMA came to the clinic along with her Husband. She was very well dressed, neat and tidy; short in height, wheatish complexion. She belongs to a middle class family. She has 4 sisters and 1 brother. Her father is a strict person, but at the same time he does not interfere in anybody’s matter. Mother is a simple woman. Since childhood, patient is reserved. Never likes to mix with people and always remains alone. She never mixes with any of her neighbors.

After marriage, she came into a joint family. Here there were 5 BIL’S. She used to have disputes with family members and finally got separated. She is a very dominating, irritable and obstinate woman. Always wants her demands to be fulfilled. She gets easily irritable and quarrels with husband. When angry, she stops talking with husband for hours and will go and sleep. She fights on small issues like husband bringing some things for other family members-questions why he brought? She is suspicious about husband that he has some extra-martial affairs, she does not allow him to talk to his friends in the vicinity. She has very less interest in sexual life and most of the time clearly tells her husband so. In Ganapati festival she wanted a gas-stove, which husband somehow managed to buy. Now the demand is that she wants a ownership house! Husband is a mild person, quite understanding, does not like to quarrel with her. So he always tries to maintain peace by fulfilling her demands. Patient is worried about childlessness, whereas husband is clear that there is no problem even if child is not there.
Patient had less interest in studies and so did not study further. But the other reason was that her sisters were married so she had to do the household work. During the interview she was constantly making grimaces.

Irritable on small matters ends in quarrel3.
Irritable, stops talking3.
Suspicious about Husband having extra marital affairs2.
Worry about not having child 2.
Thinking Fixed3.
Decision Obstinate3.
< Contradiction anger3.
Aversion Company3.
Likes to be Alone3.
Behavior Reserved3.
Sleep deep, no dreams.

Treatment was started on 18/09/2001, Nat-mur 200 1P H.S & SL 6P HS. Sepia was a close D/D. But the mental state & desire to always cover soles favoured Natrum-mur. Within one dose of constitutional remedy the headaches subsided. She was given Natrum-mur. 200 daily from 3/10/2001 till 11/2/2002. LMP 9/1/02. Patient conceived after this & stopped reporting as she felt that now she has to report to referring Gynaecologist for ANC check ups.

On 13/06/2002 husband met our compounder and informed that his wife was carrying a 6 months pregnancy. He reported to her that 3 months back the patient had made a suicidal attempt to burn herself by pouring kerosene. (Appeared to be a Hysterical attempt) He had to call his brothers for help. The matter worsened and police complaint was lodged. After that his brother advised him to carry all these matters to the parent’s place, so that they should handle it further. Reason for suicide attempt was that patient had a suspicion that husband was having an affair; the patient also does not like her husband talking with her sisters & SIL’S. Husband is very worried about patient’s nature as she does not keep good relation with anybody. So husband is anxious that after delivery who will take care of her. Once patient quarreled with her, husband and she didn’t prepare food for 2 days. She did not allow him to eat outside nor had she taken any food. If her husband wants to meet her sisters they have to come to his shop. Husband seems to be helpless with respect to her behavior. He is not enjoying his life, as he likes to meet everybody, to live in joint fly, to bring things for children. But patient is against all these things.

On 20/6/02 patient reported with warts (Verrucca Vulgaris) on chin & dorsum of hand. Her sleep & appetite were disturbed. Nausea +, hair fall + . There was no weight gain during pregnancy. Wt 50 kg. Patient had continued to report to the referring gynaecologist. She was advised to take regular Rx till delivery. She was given Natrum-mur. 200 daily QDS & all her warts disappeared.

HUSBAND’S CASE: was also defined at the same time.

He had allergic rhinitis.
Mild, Understanding, Anxious.
Stammering while talking to strangers.
C4H, Suppurations3, Coldness of palms, H/O cracks soles.

He received Silicea 200 weekly, which got rid of the colds. Asked to report SOS after wife’s conception.

ON 17/7/03 the couple brought a healthy looking daughter for Rx of her colds.