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Case Study

Dysplasia Cured By Homoeopathy
Dr (Mrs) B S Suvarna

Mrs Mala, a 29 year-old housewife, married 10 years. She came to me on 26/5/99 complaining of pain in lumbo-sacral region since 3 years.
1. Discharge per vagina since 3 years. Chronic Leucorrhoea
2. Generalized weakness since 8 months
3. Headache since 3 years. Vascular Headache, giddiness.
4. Weight 45 Kg

H/o P/c: She was apparently well 1 year back. After her laparoscopy, she started getting pain in lumbo-sacral region, persistent pain with sore bruised sensation, occasionally radiating to the loins < exertion < during menses > pressure > motion.
Vaginal discharge white, curdy and occasionally blood stained. Generalized weakness and lassitude. Since 8 months, tires easily and disinclined to work. Always wants to lie down.
Heaviness in frontal region of head, since 3 years, migraine headache due to mental worries, anxiety, tension. She had taken allopathic treatment with temporary relief.

Physical Generals:
The patient is slim and beautiful with wheatish complexion.

Mental Generals:
She is worried about her illness, cries easily. Afraid of operation, operation theatre, irritable, greatly depressed in mind, fright, grief, scared and worried from grief. Sadness, despondency, mental irritability (working in a joint family with heavy load of physical and mental work). Melancholy, suicidal disposition, weepy, tearful mood, cries easily. Her mental state has been very stable. She never feels a moment of peace. Her mind is always occupied by one worry after another. Joint family. She suffers from severe frequent vascular headache. Her gastro intestinal symptoms and chronic cervical syndrome of muscles spasms, vertigo, headache, pain in the temporal region with acute nausea, throbbing severe pains causing confusion, feeling of nausea, food aversions.

Menstrual History:
Pain in the lower abdomen < coition. After bleeding commences- backache, pain in the hips, legs, calf muscles, bearing down sensation, polymetrorrhoea, Metrorrhagia, menses frequency every 15 days, bleeding, profuse, clots, dark, staining, lumbo-sacral backache, acute pelvic infection. The commonest symptom of the onset of acute salpingo-oophoritis is abdominal pain induced by pelvic infection and by swollen appendages, pain is mild to severe depending upon the degree of infection, menorrhagia, profuse, dark and clotted, blood is bright red and runs in streams, with pain in legs and back.

Gynaecological Examinations:
P/s Cx hypertrophied with mild erosion at anterior lip, mucoid discharge seen.

Cytopathology/Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Report
Microscopic Examination:
Smears were stained with PAP and HE stains. These show inflammatory cells with epithelial cells. These epithelial cells are seen in small groups having large nuclei with irregular out line. There are occasional mitotic figures seen.
Cervical smear: Dysplasia of mild to moderate degree with inflammation.

Haematology Report 26-5-99
Haemoglobin - 12 Gm%
Total WBC count - 8,200
ESR - 24

Differential WBC count
Neutrophils - 52
Lymphocytes - 44
Eosinophils - 03
Monocytes - 01
Basophils - 00

Allopathic doctor advised hysterectomy.

Homoeopathic Treatment: Remedies which came up for differentiation, and which have been useful to me in treating many cases of Dysplasia
1. Ignatia 1M - 3 doses, weekly one dose for 3 weeks only (morning 6 am one dose)
2. Nat-mur - 30 ml pills daily 3 doses M/A/N
3. Sepia 200 - 30 ml pills, daily 3 dose, 1 hour before food M/A/N (6 pills at time)
4. Kali-carb 200 - 30 ml pills, daily 3 dose, 1 hour after food M/A/N

Acute: For abdominal pain:
(1) Mag-phos 6x (2) Colocynthis 200
3 dose daily for acute pain/SOS
: Medorrhinum 1M- single dose given.
: Natrum-mur here is anxious, fantastic, and frightful.
Natrum- mur 
200 was prescribed TDS for 3 months
Menstrual Periods normal and regular.
Vaginal discharge stopped
Gained weight and confidence both
Pelvic inflammatory diseases cured
Mental symptoms completely cured
Patient has recovered very well and is still under my consultation.
Headache completely cured. No abdominal pain
No backache, weight 55 kg, mentally very happy.
After taking the homoeopathic treatment hysterectomy was averted.

Cytopathology/Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Report
Macroscopic Examination:
Cervical smears obtained and stained with PAP stain.
Microscopic Examination:
Smears show predominantly superficial squamous cells mixed with large number of acute inflammatory cells, mainly polymorphs. NO dysplastic change or evidence of malignancy seen.

Diagnosis: Acute inflammatory cell pattern.
Haematology Report - 24-8-99
Haemoglobin (Hb)12.2 Gm%
ESR 10

Homoeopathic treatment:
1M - 30 ml pills, daily 3 times for 1 month (What is 30 ml pills?)
Acute inflammatory cell pattern completely cured.
All symptoms free, no backache.
She is well and has not reported any complaints since then.