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Case Study

Homoeopathy and Counselling-a perfect fit
Dr (Mrs) Kauser Aga

A 35 yr old lady came to me after being diagnosed as IBS. Her presenting complaints were occasional constipation and occasional diarrhoea, preceded by severe colic. She felt better by pressure and by passing flatus.
There were no other associated complaints.

Patient As A Person:
Cravings-Sweets³, Veg pulao.
Aversion-Not specific
Urine-Scanty with recurrent burning2
Stools-Chief complaint.
Menses-Profuse with clots lasts for 7days
Severe dysmennorohea <MB> second day.
Thermals- Ambi http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif Hot
Family History: Mother operated for fibroids and gallstones.
Father is a diabetic and hypertensive
Past History: NAD

Life Space:
Case as narrated by the patient
I am a very sensitive person. I get easily affected by anything and everything.
I like to keep everybody happy. I like to do things for others.
I do not get angry easily. I never show my anger.
I love music but not always. Sometimes noise irritates me.
She had no major fears as a child and as of today.
When asked her about childhood she said it was very good; we never had any financial problem.
Husband reported a sudden change in her behaviour. He said that recently she had started avoiding responsibilities like bringing children back from school. She avoids social gatherings. She prefers to be with herself. She is a very quiet person who is good to everybody and anybody. She has never shown her anger to anybody, not even me.
I feel she should express her anger which she is just keeping inside. She is a perfectionist. She is a person who wants the approval of everybody. She doesn’t like anybody telling anything against her hence she goes out of the way to get this approval.. I want her to change. I don’t want her to be a door mat.

Analysis Of The Case
There are three main protective behaviours which the patient is presenting with.
1) Avoidance
2) Suppressed anger
3) Perfectionism
At this point I was clouded by just the very prominent symptom of suppressed anger. I felt she was a person who wanted to be good to everybody a perfect person with recurrent burning in the urine so I prescribed Staphysagria 1M.
There was a very marginal improvement in her physical symptoms.
As her husband wanted to go in for therapy she started coming for counseling sessions.
In the therapy sessions she just talked about the way she helped others.
After 15 days of therapy there came a severe aggravation where she just called up to say that she had to be hospitalized due to severe diarrhoea.
When she returned I wanted to know the cause. After a lot of probing, she said that she had a conflict with her husband and he criticized her. She said I hate criticism. She felt dejected. When asked what did criticism mean to her, she said criticism means personal rejection. She felt rejected and the next rule of her life that came up was rejection is end of the world. She lived by these 2 rules in her life.

The two rules which she lived by were
Criticism means personal rejection
Rejection is end of the world
In this state where there was a emotional turmoil I asked her to give me one snap shot about her childhood when she said....I can just see my father hitting my mother and the session was ended.
During the next session with lot of defenses, she opened about her childhood where she said that there used to be lot of fights between her parents and in addition, she was always neglected as compared to her siblings who were loved more. She felt she was not loved by her mother who always criticized her, so she felt rejected.
I still believe that " i am not loved" this was her core belief .
No matter how good I am, no matter how much I care for people but I am not loved.


Though Staphysagria covered the rules she lived by that were: Criticism means personal rejection, Rejection is end of the world, it didn’t cover her core belief of being neglected, of being unloved .Considering the childhood history of discord between parents and neglect, feeling of not being loved. I prescribed Mag-mur1M

After Mag-mur also the sessions continued and one day she told me that she wanted to be more assertive in life and wanted to start living for herself.
This was the turning point as till now she was coming just to please her husband and then the therapeutic intervention started I questioned her core belief.

·         What is the evidence?

·         What is another way of looking at it?

·         What if it happens?

She got answers for her belief. She looked at it in a positive way by saying that its okay if all the people in this world do not love me, at least my family that is the significant people in my life, do love me.
She has become more assertive over the period of 5 months.
Her physical complaints are better 50% but not fully gone.