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Case Study

I Am Doomed.....
Dr Ajit Kulkarni
'Anac / Lac-can / Lys / Anha-lew / Kali-br / Ambra / Nat-m / Hydrogen

Case referred by Dr R from Israel. Mr E, 44 years old, from Israel, was born in Russia, migrated to Israel in 1992. He is an artist.
Diagnosis - Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Eczematous Dermatitis.

Frequent urging to defecate; with pain in abdomen; better after stool; worse anxiety or when depressed. Sometimes diarrhoea or mucus or constipation.
Eruptions left foot http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif right thigh and left forearm.
Spreading since 3 months. Discharging eruptions. Whole body itches. Difficult to work with the pain this eruption brings. With restlessness, dancing on feet and feel cold.
Thermals- Used to be a hot patient, now chilly. Consumes normal quantity of water.

Mr E has two sides to him: One side: extremely compassionate to other’s that are suffering, children, old people, animals. He can tell a sad story and cry. He is a very gentle and sentimental,very good with children; children love him. Very loyal to his parents, especially mother. He would gladly give his life for his parents. Symbiotic relationship with his mother. [Married at the age of 38].

On the other hand: has a harsh streak in him, unfeeling and cruel. There were years in our marriage that he was obsessed with paranoid thoughts, that I [his wife who has written the history], scorn him, do things against him, think badly of him, have plans to do something against him, think, he is stupid. At the outbursts of this paranoia, he would yell and loose his temper completely, curses and then withdraws for many days, weeks or months. There is no way to talk to him with sense. He would lock himself completely. He would become cold, unfeeling, says he wants to leave the marriage. He would not tell anyone or talk it over with any friend. Only one close friend in the past.He is very sensitive to guilt. Cannot sleep because of him someone is suffering.

He is sure that he has a bad smell. Now with the eruptions, he says that he is disgusting. But this is something he comes up very often, even before the eruption. He often complains of gases, fullness of abdomen and frequent urging to stool when stressed.

Life Story:
When he was 1 year old, his parents had to move and work somewhere far away. He was weaned and they left him with his Grandmother; his Mother visiting him once a month, for 6 months. After that the family united again. When he was 6 years old, his brother was born. The Mother clearly prefers him to his brother. Until this day, she brings him food, worries that he should be dressed warm enough, etc.

When first married, for a few months, he had problems with erection. Slowly it became OK. I gave him Phos, don’t know if it helped or it resolved with time. Together with the paranoiac outbursts there were feelings of rejection, that he was sure that sex with him was bad, and that I reject him physically and mentally. After immigration to Israel, he became very religious. He always was a philosophical person, out spaced.

He stopped doing art, and was praying almost all day. Since then he had a conflict between art and religion. He is a martyr, never needs anything, and never asks for anything. Suffers quietly.

About a year ago, I decided to go about this paranoia in a more assertive way. I became very distant from him, until he requested that we go for counseling. We did and at the same time he took Calc-br and there was a big change. Since then he was more relaxed, stopped biting his nails, no paranoia, family matters were much better, it was a normal relationship. He was angry and distant, but for a short time, and no accusing of unrealistic things. When he was angry there was a reason and it could be worked out.

Until this day, he is not making a living, and feels very bad about it. He is always sure that he is on the verge of a breakthrough and that very soon he will sell his art through the Internet etc.

History in Patient’s words:
‘I was a sensitive child, saw someone stammering and started stammering. Also extremely absent minded. Would draw animals in danger, and heroic strong characters, that someone is running after the animal. Was afraid of spiders. Loved sports. I was a very good student. Studied art for 9 years, and was very good at it. In Russia worked with art. In Israel it did not work out.

Like to be at home. Just now, after being in the house for 3 months, [because of the eruptions] I felt I want to fly outside. The beard started to fall out. I have cracks in the corners of the fingernails. And also on the knuckles, all my life I bite my nails.

Eruption started in the left foot, then on the right thigh, and left forearm. On the thigh it is spreading. It discharges, and the whole thing is disgusting. I hide in the house because it is disgusting for people to see it. I have no sex drive for last 3 months. Whole body itches. Difficult to work with the pain of this eruptions. I am also disgusted to attend urge to defecate frequently.
After some remedies, the foot was better and felt pain in abdomen, liver, heart.

Pessimist, feel I doomed. Have an overpowering sleepiness, can fall asleep standing-chronic symptom. I want to be a strong rock that others can depend upon; the thought that I cannot be efficient makes me panic. The pain of my life is that I don’t provide for my family.

From the lab report -TC-10200/cu mm. Neutrophils 48% Lymphocytes 30% Monocytes 20% Eosinophils 2%. Barium enema-Nil. Stool exam.-Nil. Urine: N.

After one dose of Sulph LM6 taken at intervals of 15 minutes for 2 hours, an eruption started on left foot between the toes. It was itching, but there was no eruption. A month later he took Thuj in LM6, LM9, LM12, LM15, over a period of 6 months, every 5-6 weeks a long dose [every 15 minutes for 2 hours]. After the first dose of Thuj an eruption appeared on the foot and started to spread. He scratched his left foot with the right foot and it started to appear on the right foot, between the toes. And then it spread to the back of Rt ankle.

Prescribed Remedies


Calcarea carb

Arsenic -iod

We are thinking of Carbo-animalis....
We are in despair....

Analysis I
This multi-dimensional case needs careful data processing. We have not only to treat IBS or the skin because both are merely outward reflection of his mental state.
We are dealing with two distinct bipolarities-one of generosity, over-compassionate, sympathetic, sentimental character and other one opposite-of harshness, non-emotional and cruel. He has persecutory delusion too-wife plotting against him.

The evolutionary study reveals two characters-oedipus complex (Freud) and oral stage. During childhood patient had attachment with mother. From 1-6 years, dissociation occurred between parents and patient. The patient describes himself as a sensitive child and extremely absent minded. He would draw animals in danger and heroic strong characters that someone is running after the animal.

This history is suggestive of following themes:

  1. Sensitive child
  2. Rejection by parents
  3. Weaning http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif breast milk http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif deprivation of love
  4. Rejected feeling; wants ‘motherly’ love; sublimation
  5. Insecurity feeling expressed as animals in danger; fear of spiders
  6. Patient trying to come out of the state of rejection / insecurity http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif heroic strong character; someone running after the animal http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif "trapped"
  7. Nail biting since childhood, yet continued http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif ‘oral stage (Freud) http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif neurotic trait http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif insecurity / rejection.
  8. Absent- minded (the retrieval phenomenon of) rejection being repressed to avoid pain.

The whole portrait brings some essential features. The patient longs for motherly, sublime, unconditional, innocent love. The rejected feeling is stabilized, through (painful) experience and now it is operating as ‘reinforcement.’ This has affected the ‘ego’ functioning severely causing a split activity expressed through bipolarity. Patient is artistic, sensitive, sentimental, conscientious and was a good student in the past; there is imaginative trait (artists are usually so) too’ he is on the verge of a breakthrough, his art work will be sold all over the world.’ It seems the emotionalism is extreme; they are not only flowing but dancing http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif conflict: between inner world and outer world, between religion and art, between generosity and cruelty, between (imaginative) activity and withdrawal, between obsession and negation; the conflict pulling the ego, putting a severe strain over ego functioning.

In addition to rejection feeling, there is a strong feel of ‘disgusting’ to the level of hiding in the house. Guilt conscience to the level of remorse http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif religious route http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif clinging; sacrificing art for religion. This gives, the disposition of "given to excesses everywhere" - emotionalism being at the background.
To sum up temperamental traits, causative factors, behavioural responses, concepts, clinical states etc :

Remedy Discussion:
A remedy search must be directed to deeper psychopathology. At mind level, though he is artistic did business in Russia, now he is doing nothing and has lost his drive considerably. In other words, illness is telling on the vital economy at the energy level. A remedy search must cover the bipolarity and the conflict.

1. Anac covers hard-hearted; cruel; violent anger; vacillating and the typical two wills. A sort of split personality expressed as : illusions of duality; hallucinations; thinks he is possessed of two persons or wills, contradictory impulses like eg laughs at serious things, remaining serious when anything laughable occurs; profane or religious etc. Anac also covers lack of confidence to the extent that he despairs of being able to do that which is required of him; feeling of helplessness (patient’s statements : The thought that I can’t be efficient makes me panic. The pain of my life is that I don’t provide for my family. Pessimist; feel I am doomed).

However, he is not Anac. The two will concept of Anac where one commands and the other forbids is not of this type in our patient. It is not contradictory "impulses". Two distinct sides are present but it is not impulse or commanding. Also Anac has ‘absence of all moral restraint.’ Our patient has a lot of conscientiousness. Further, the withdrawal phase (statements in the data: At the outbursts of this paranoia, he would yell, and loose his temper completely, curses and then withdraws. He would lock himself completely. He would become cold.) is not Anac. It is the state of pessimism, going to the polarity. This shows the ‘torn’ state and we get self-disgust more (unlike Anac).

Anac has right to left shifting of complaints. Our patient has left to rightAnaccovers neuro-skin; neurotic skin and the eruptions resemble  that of variola. Our patient presents more redness, angrier look, more cellulitis, with inguinal lymphadenopathy. Anac has a strong agg from fasting and pathology of destructive changes like duodenal ulcer.




Clinical states

/ Theorizing

Deprivation of love? 
Being rejected?
Biological inheritance

Oedipus complex
Oral stage
Split personality

Biting nails
Sex drive- poor
Quiet sufferer


Lac-can appears on the scene: Body seems disgusting is covered well. Self-contempt, the conflict between basic instincts (artistic in this case for example) vs. high values (religious-God), a rejected feeling, lack of perseverance goes in favour of Lac-c, but Lac-c longs for company and is not with oscillations. It has no ego pulling. Attacks of rage, with cursing are also covered by Lac-c. But we are dealing more with tubercular miasmatic expression; hence we get a deeper pathology at mind and physical level. Lac-c has central issue of low self-esteem, a cornered feeling-a perpetual state. This case has all these dispositions, but it does not touch not all aspects; somehow inadequacy appears at correspondence. Our patient avoids company and this goes opposite Lac-c.


 appears to be an appropriate drug for this patient. The following points typify Lyssin.

·         Absent minded

·         Abstraction of mind

·         Bite, desire to (nail-biting) (this is an interpretation)

·         Cruelty

·         Del: Eccentric, deserted, great person, forsaken, tormented, # thoughts: two different trains of thought.

·         Despair, shrieks of despair, paroxysms

·         Mania; religious mania

·         Morose

·         Eccentricity

·         Forsaken feeling

·         Forgetful

·         Hard hearted

·         Indifference; family, relatives, love relations, coition during

·         Lamenting

·         Praying

·         Sensitive

·         Sympathy

·         Thoughts, insane

·         Harsh, abrupt with others

·         Anger, violent

·         Cursing

·         Meditation

·         Offended easily

·         Rage, repentance followed by

·         Restlessness

·         Work, mental, impossible

To present this case from Doctrine of SignaturesLac-c requires motherly love to fill the emotional vacuum. Lac-can person is very loyal to those who shower love on him. It is akin to a dog’s feeling that is one with the family and yet cornered and rejected.

Lyss could be regarded as a mad dog; trying to present the deeper affection; the cruelty, the bite, the disorganization, distortion, perversion---but the basic characters of Lac-can are yet present in subdued manner.

More information asked:
The data supplied in the first exhibit appeared to be inadequate. Hence following Qs were asked for. Lyssin was a drug of choice as per the first exhibit.

·         Childhood details. Elaborate love of animals, absent minded, art etc.

·         Relations between patients, friends and relatives

·         Physical generals : desires, aversions, thermal state

·         Significant events in history of patient

·         Past, personal and family history.

II Exhibit received by the patient
His wife was very distant from him for many months until they went for consultation. Consultation was a very difficult time for him. The consultants sent him to psychiatrics. He was thinking that they made him crazy.
1. Childhood
Childhood was a good time; I was enveloped in love from parents and grandparents. I was a home oriented child.  A delicate child. Could not hit anyone, could not harm anyone afraid that the children would harm me. The children were cruel. But on the other hand, I threw something at my grandmother, out of anger, or even not out of anger. The grandmother was the only one I could do that to and I feel guilty about it.

2. Compassion for animals
All the childhood I had compassion and mercy for suffering animals, my whole life was about animals. I would run to the animals, and give my food to a cat, if I could give the animals my flesh to eat I would have done that. I would cry for them.
I thought animals will not betray. I was very absent minded, once I put two socks on the same foot. I studied because my parents wanted it, and I had to do well because a Jew will not be accepted in university if he is not outstanding.

3. Art, music and sports
Since a young age I was known as an artist. I had [still have] a great need to do art. I would sit down to do homework, and automatically, I would draw all the time and my parents would be angry. I was a very good student. I would listen to music and be affected emotionally. I was put into a music school. I did not enjoy learning music, and had a lot of stress doing music and schoolwork, and I got a tic in my eye, so my Mother took me out of the music school.

All through childhood, I wanted to be like parents, to be an engineer. I saw people - friends of my parents, good people and wanted to be in that environment. I loved sport. I had a feeling since childhood that Jews are weaker than others, and were pursued and I don’t deserve to succeed. The feeling that I don’t deserve is a strong feeling in general.

At the age of 12-13, I grew 20 cm in one year. A lot of sport. Lot of pressure in school, and I had a high blood pressure, 205/90. I was given medicine. I had fears, of violence, I was afraid of being embarrassed, that some strong and violent older children would hit me. I felt weak and not able to hurt anyone; was afraid that people would laugh at me, that girls would laugh at me. And I had stress that I had to do well at school. The stress broke me, and I stopped learning, and my parents took me to another place to live. I was in such a stress that I prayed, and was given medication, and went through hypnosis.

Later I started learning Art, and then I had my own motivation, [not for the parents], and I was excellent in all my studies. 9 years I studied art, got MA in art. I also enjoyed music very much and would go to concerts all the time. I started to study philosophy. I hated communism. Before that I believed in Communism, and that we are all together, and then I found out the lies, and had a terrible hatred. Compulsiveness -put things in the right place, thought I was crazy, and that no one should know. I was very angry, until I started learning Sutra of Buddhism. Then I felt at peace. All this time I did sports. And Tai Chi. I felt the light, and had self-confidence and peace.

4. Parents and brother
Parents taught me to be idealist, and just, I wanted to be like them. In our house I was very happy. I would gladly give my life for my parents. Felt my parents are part of me, a great love towards them.

With my mother I have a symbiotic tie. She feels every nuance, and I feel her every nuance, the umbilical cord is connected. My brother is six years younger. I feel responsible for him, but he envied me. I would always have cares. I would worry about my family, because the world is a violent place.

5. Physical concomitants
Feels cold, beforehand suffered from the heat. Restlessness - I have a feeling of electricity wandering under the skin, and it makes me move - it’s like a dance. Scratching the eruption is very painful, I am compelled to move. I have under the toenails; some extra growth, and it elevates the nail. Cannot open my mouth wide. When there were ameliorations in the eruption, there were agg in other organs, pain in liver, distension of abdomen, urging to stool etc. Often I am disgusted as I have to frequently run to closet.

The discharge through the skin eruptions disgusts me. Then I do not want to go out of my room. There is a sweet odor from the discharge. Having dental decay, and vision going bad.

6. Generals
I desire milk product, sweets and sour [since childhood]. Also desire for potatoes. Have no sex drive at all, since 3-4 months due to eruptions. Since I was a sportsman, I always felt I could depend on my self, on my body, and now I feel in a panic, if family will need me, how will I do it?

7. Family history
Father had some disease of the lungs. Grandparents had high blood pressure. Grandfather had cancer of stomach. I have always blood pressure of 140/80-90.

8. Past History
In childhood I had red blotches on the skin of the arms, and under axilla, some liquid that I put on the skin treated it and the blotches became white.

I had herpes on the penis, after I had sex relations. I said no to her all night, but she cried and wanted it so much, and I felt guilty, that she is suffering because of me. I had felt that I want to have sex only with a woman that I love, and will be my wife, and to put all my love into it, and I did not love her, after the sex - she became pregnant, and I would not marry her, so she aborted the child, and I felt guilty. I thought I have some sex disease, and was very embarrassed, very guilty. The doctor gave me some medication for the herpes, it keeps recurring.

Patient’s wife PS-Everything here he said, he explained so well that I felt that there was nothing to add. One thing-he has a feeling of betrayal, being betrayed. And he had that feeling in childhood, that animals dont betray.

Modified Analysis II
This write-up comes from the patient and hence one is able to explore in a deeper way.
The write-up starts with patients ‘very bad grief’ he sustained as the wife was very distant from him. It seems patient is attached to wife and he can’t bear separation for long.

Childhood details are well delineated: patient was enveloped in love from parents and grandparents. There is no deprivation of love. But patient mentions cruelty of children; no reaction against them; the bottled up anger at grandmother with guilt pattern then. He is unable to face children of his age, lacks the grit. Over-compassionate for animals with the background feel - "the world of animals is more just than the world of people and animals will not betray" and "if I could give the animals my flesh to eat". It seems the patient views the world of people with betrayal. It is not an idea or thought but a bigoted conviction the patient has been harbouring. He expects sublime, platonic love, that of oneness. The ‘flesh’ issue or the issue of offering ‘life’ for the sake of mother is reflective of oneness with the intimate ones, with delicacy of feeling.

Music sensitivity since childhood and ‘I will be affected emotionally from the music.’ But he can’t continue learning because of stress. H/o HBP due to pressure in school. Escapist. It is like stress threshold poor. Can’t endure for long and will develop somatic symptoms soon and at mind level worthless feeling. As if he gets a stamped impression ‘Jews are weaker than others,’ I would not succeed and I don’t deserve to succeed’. When the demands are exceeding his capabilities, he goes into ‘flight’ response. This reduces his confidence, his go to go in for a vicious cycle. He had also went through hypnosis.

As far as relations with parents are concerned, we get closeness of an extreme expressed as ‘I would gladly give my life for my parents,’ ‘Felt my parents are part of me,’ ‘I feel every nuance of my mother,’ ‘the umbilical cord is connected,’ ‘I would worry about my parents and brother, because the world is a violent place.’

This makes the ‘location’ clear: he stands with a bigoted perception looking at people, at world as harsh and violent; he maintains his dispositional characters of sensitive, sentimental, sympathetic, attachment, idealism, love for animals, for music, for art, conscientiousness and delicacy! Refinement but with fragility; touchy; defeatist; comes badly out of ordeals and frustrations. He wants to be ONE with the environment, with people; the idea or experience of separation, of detachment, of dissociation is very painful. He is broken then.

At essence level the theme appears to be of symbiosis, of oneness. He will sacrifice fully and will get united. To remain in oneness is the instinct and separation will be exhibited through feelings of being betrayed, rejected, isolated or abandoned; this state then culminating in psychosis-persecutory delusion, paranoia etc.

Miasmatic Discussion
 miasm is Tubercular in view of
1.Mind: two sides / bipolarities, oversensitivity, swings, changeability, fragility and restlessness; the cursing, eccentricity, hard hearted and nail-biting
2.Body: angrily looking skin lesions, with cellulitis and inguinal lymphadenopathy; rec. herpes. The association of IBS with the goes in favor of tubercular.
miasm goes in favour of Tubercular:
F/H of cancer, H.B.P., some disease of the lungs suggests Tubercular.
Few delusions of the themes:

  1. Del alone, wilderness, in a=Stram.
  2. Del criticized that she is=Bar-c, Cocaine, Hyos, Ign, Laur, Lyss, Pall, Plb, Rhus-r, Staph
  3. Del crime, as if he had committed=Anac, Carb-v, Ign, Kali-bi, Kali-br, Lach, Med, Merc, Sabad, Staph, Verat-v, Zinc
  4. Del deceived, being=DrosRuta.
  5. Del devils, that all persons are=Meli, PLAT, Plb.
  6. Del dirty, that he is=Lac-c, Lycps, Rhus-t, Thuj, Syph.
  7. Del humility, and lowness of others while he is great=PlatStaph.
  8. Del separated, from the world, that he is=AnacAnhPlatThuj.
  9. Del. violence, about=Kali-Br.

The above exercise at ‘delusions’ is not so fruitful, as no drug covers essence. At essence level the theme appears to be of symbiosis, of oneness. He will sacrifice fully and will get united.

Remedy Discussion
(A Select MM Volume -I) has the concept of ‘one’ with the cosmic forces, with a panorama of beauty, grandeur and colorful splendor. Oneness concept has a more religio-spiritual tinge and has an ecstatic state. Our patient lacks this stage. Anh has coldness too. But Anh is much higher; oneness theme is more coming from self- realization, from spiritual union.

Kali-br is ranking high. The loyalty, sensitivity, sense of responsibility of Kali and guilt complex of Bromium make a synthetic prescription; but it lacks oneness concept. Kali-br has psychosis and a lot of delusions; feeling of moral deficiency characterizes Kali-br but Kali-br lacks delicacy and refinement.

Calc element could be thought of owing to: can’t face harshness of life, can’t face violence; generosity; sensitivity; insecurity. Combined with guilty conscience, one may think of Calc-br. Calc-br projects a good correspondence. But Calc has anxiety of salvation and doesn’t allow its security to be jeopardized. Sacrificing life for others will be remote with Calc. Hence though correspondence is available at the childhood level, further evolution is not suggestive of Calc. Calc is also not very refined.

One has to think of Ambr: Delicacy, refinement, embarrassment, over-sensitivity, guilty conscience, depressive melancholy, pessimism, fragility, timidity favor Ambr.Evolution is also covered well. The skin  phase also indicates Ambr. But Ambris more anti-psoric than tubercular (Dr Tarkas called Ambr as a receptionist of Sulph) and hence more functional. Our case is deeper. Ambr covers two marked characters-sensitive to music and love for animals.

Nat-m comes strongly. Nat-m has a journey, a search of his own ego. Oneness is the need; oneness is the objective and oneness can’t be achieved. Life is complex when the world is perceived as violent! What kind of adaptation one should expect when the conviction is there in a sensitive subject? Is the world and people harsh and violent or is the response of the patient emotional (in Nat-m heart rules the head) landing into depressive melancholia? Nat-m has also attachments, more of one companion type, the close, intimate ones and the expectations too high. Separation, the break, affects Nat-m profoundly. Nat-m is a cocktail of Calc, Carc, Ambr, Aurum-met, Mag and Lac-c and a known bipolar remedy (A Select Hom MM Part I).

Hydrogen as presented by J Sherr and Jan Scholten covers the concept of oneness presented in "Homoeopathy and the Elements".

My views on Hydrogen: A fiery element, and hence useful in fiery illnesses (inflammation, active diseases of metabolism, burning pains etc like acidums). Being a basic element of Sun, H assumes a very imp remedy. My only problem is that how far one should rely on a single author? How many clinical experiences to favor H?

With all the refinement, delicacy, a sort of rigid conscience, love for animals, sensitive to music, guilt, a strong feel of being rejected, one should think of Carc.Childhood matches well: can’t hold his own with other children, fear  of other children, idealist, longing to fulfill the aspirations of the parents, cowardice etc. Carc has high sense of responsibility and excessive sentimentality. He breaks down internally to stress and strain, also timid escapist; sympathetic; loves affection. F/h/o Ca favors Carc.

The concept of oneness has been derived in Carc on the basis of following.

  1. Artistic
  2. Love of nature, travel, animals
  3. Literary, poetic bend
  4. Creative
  5. Attuned to life’s rhythm, hence lover of dance and music
  6. Conscientious in a rigid way
  7. Love of thunderstorm, enjoys watching it.

The above ‘hard’ data is combined with the analogical / symbolic understanding of cancer.

"Cancer represents a state of the dynamic disequilibrium between the Cell and the Organism, the Cell-Principle and the Organismal Principle-latter regulating the former towards harmonious form, function and growth of the whole organism". "The cell is endowed with susceptibility, which in health maintains balance a Cell Organism Symbiosis. Cancer represents the failure of this Symbiosis." "Cancer is one of the natural built-in-senescent mechanism suberving finite life-time in any species." (Dr K N Kasad in ‘Iscador Therapy of Cancer’).

One more "Embryonal Rest Theory" by Jelusis Cohnheim in 1877 propounds that cancer cells exist from embryonic life, but do not express themselves until latter in the organism’s existence."
To come to understanding of oneness, the immunity of a patient having pre-cancerous or cancerous state has to work perfectly, unitedly as an indivisible whole. It has to mobilize fully all of its resources, by being one with every component, to exploit the potentiality of each one for the sake of survival. Otherwise the survival will be endangered.

Carc individual works with perfection, putting mind, body and soul together. He becomes one with the work, taking every matter seriously like life and death.

The Follow-up criteria

1. GIT symptoms

7. Sex drive

2. Eruptions

8. Pessimism

3. Itching

9. Artistic work


10. Restlessness

5. Cracks

11. Oscillations

6. Herpes


Follow up
The patient was given a single dose of Carc 1M on 2002, Dec 12.

The patient has been followed since and has improved both mentally and physically. He has resumed his art work. His social relations have considerably improved. His abdominal symptoms like distension, frequent urging to stool, pain in abdomen etc. are much better. The skin has improved. There is no lymphadenopathy now. After 2 months of Carc dose there was recrudescence of cellulitis. I kept my hands off but he grew worse and was then treated with Tarentula-h 200.

The referred physician sends e-mail and reports his progress. Till today Carc not repeated.