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Case Study

Case 29 : Miracles Of The Infinite Dose
Dr S K Mamgain

People, generally, have been heard saying that the Homoeopathic medicines are slow acting, but the fact is contrary. Experience has shown that the infinitely small doses of the indicated Homoeopathic medicine when used singly in proper dose as explained by Hahnemann in his 'Organon', act like a charm, especially in acute diseases of various kinds (it can be said that in all cases of acute diseases of various kinds). Often the results are simply astonishing. The results confirm the proposition as related by Hahnemann in Aphorism 149 of his fifth edition of Organon.

Some so-called Homoeopaths, who use combinations or practice polypharmacy, put forward the lame excuse that everything has greatly changed since the time of Hahnemann. No doubt, lot of changes has taken place during past two centuries, since the time of Hahnemann. When Hahnemann discovered Homoeopathy, even the microscope was not used in the field of medicine, today there are very sophisticated electronic gadgets in use to locate minutest changes in the physiology and pathology of an individual. But, the laws of nature, which came into being in the beginning of life, not to say during the past two centuries, is there any change in these laws of nature?

The science of Homoeopathy is based upon the Laws which are universal. When one follows the basic natural laws of the homoeopathy the results reveal the truth and efficacy of these laws.

In my practice of nearly forty years, I have met the universal truth of these laws time and again. Hereunder I am presenting a few cases out of innumerable ones cured under my care. These cases show the miraculous results of the infinitely small doses of homoeopathic medicines.

My First Encounter
1) It was in 1967 when I had just started reading about homoeopathy and had very little knowledge of the subject. At that time I was residing in a village about 7 km away from the city, there was no medical facility available in the village and no conveyance either, after 8 pm except the bicycle. Under these circumstances, my wife, one day, complained of pain in her breast at about 9:30 pm. But she stopped me to go to the doctor at such an late hour.

She did not let me know the actual condition of her pain; she told that the pain is bearable. At that time I had no Repertory, but only a small book - Bhattacharya's Epitome - on looking into it Bryonia came out as the remedy and I administered her two globules of size No 30. In the morning I asked her to go for a consultation, she told that she was feeling great relief in the pain and by the evening the pain was completely gone. This was my first encounter with the efficacy of homeopathic medicine but it was a very encouraging experience. Although this prescription was simply a fluke but it made me a believer of the miraculous efficacy of homoeopathy. When the pain totally finished only then she told me that the pain was extremely distressing.