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Case Study

The Snakes Young One.
Suneeta Tripathi.
` Fl-ac.

I came across this case in August 92, when I had just started my practice.

When this Sardarji aged 41 years walked into my chamber, I was quite apprehensive. The data I collected were as follows:-

Heels (both) painful. Worse walking ++. Worse morning, worse walking on +++. Better by hot fomentation +. Better by rest ++.
Thermal: Hot - Likes winter. Cannot tolerate heat.
Sleeps on floor without bedsheet or covers; Enjoys coldwater bath throughout the year.
Perspiration: Yellow stains - washable, oily, has to wash face frequently.
Craving - alcohol++, Milk ++, Non-veg++
Bowel-bladder - NAD
Sleep - Good
Dreams - None

Physical Examination:

  1. Heels NAD
  2. BP - 130-80 mm kg
  3. RS - CVS - NAD
  4. Weight - 82 kg
  5. Skin Hairy ++

Past History: Acidity since 8 years.

Family History: Brother has similar complaints of heel pain.

Investigations: X-ray shows Calcaneal spur in both heels.

Occupation - Superintendent of ITI

Nature: Irritable and fights back. Does not brood if relations get spoilt, but will take efforts to straighten them out if he can.

Due to my apprehension as a novice I could not investigate further and I hastily prescribed.

Treatment and Follow-up:

On 31-8-92 - Calc-fluor 30 Bd for 7 days as a specific for Calcaneal spur.

On 7-9-92 - He was not better

Treatment : Bry 200 QDS for 7 days since he was worse on walking and better by rest.

On 14-9-92 - heel pain was better 50 percent but pain had extended upwards.

The response was going from below upwards contrary to Herings law of cure so I stopped the medicine and decided to investigate further.

Further questioning revealed that the patient was always interested in mechanical things like repairing cycle etc and hence became an automobile engineer. After completing education he took up a job as an instructor in ITI and is in government service since then.

His father was hot tempered and in childhood he and his brother had taken a lot of beatings. Patient feels his nature is very similar to his fathers and says in his own words, "Snakes young one has to have some poison in him". He described an incident, when he had a fight with a local dada and he chopped off the dadas left hand with a sword in a fit of anger.

Patients sexual life started early when he was in the eighth standard. His Bhabhis encouraged him for sexual activity and he got attracted towards them. Women became his weak point and so when he started earning, he started seeking enjoyment outside also. He never forces himself onto others. The women with whom he enjoys sex are mostly his colleagues, who lure him by the way they dress and deck up. Whenever he goes out of station for his job, after finishing his job, he freaks out in search of "New Adventures". Says nothing attracts him more than females and his hunger for sex is voluptuous. He justifies his premarital and extramarital affairs by saying "like man drinks tea at home and also in hotels, I have sex at home and outside too. He is always in search of "Variety". Only his wife is boring. His wife is unaware of his extra marital affairs.

His second weak point is "Alcohol". He loves drinking and manages to get his alcoholic drinks at any cost how much ever expensive they are.

His third weak point is "Exercise". He loves playing hockey, wrestling and running. he has to do his exercises daily and exercise never tires him. He has to take his morning and evening walks in open air, failing which he feels very restless.

The only drug which came to my mind after this investigation was "Flouric-acid" for the following reasons.

Craving for Women, Wine, Variety, Exercise - "Increase ability to exercise without danger" - Allens Key Notes.

Kents Materia Medica Page 540 says - "it is particularly suitable for men who have continuously changed their mistresses".

The patient was hot and so without further references I started on 14-9-92 withFlouric-acid 30 tds.

On 21-9-92 - Left heel better 75 percent
Right heel better 15 percent
On 28-9-92 - Left heel 90 percent. Right heel 50 percent.

Since the patient had to go out of Station for a month, I advised him to continue with Flouric-acid 30 TDS only, along with Flouric-acid 200 SOS in case there is no response or less response.

There was no report from him for one year. The one fine morning in November 93 he walked into my cabin with a broad smile. I started hunting for his case paper in my old files. He stopped me and said "behenji look, I have not come for treatment, I am absolutely fine. I did not even require your second bottle (it was Flouric-acid 200). Now I can wear my shoes comfortably and since then I have had no problems. I have just come to thank you".

In this case I admit I was purely prejudiced and the quick reference I made were just to support the prescription. Finally to overcome my prejudice I did the following working later.


  1. SR Pg 692 Vol I - Lasciviousness
  2. SR Pg 630 Vol I - Industrious
  3. SR Pg 1055 Vol I - Violent
  4. Hot
  5. SR Pg 217 Vol II - Craving alcohol
  6. SR Pg 258 Vol II - Craving milk
  7. SR Pg 255 Vol II - Craving meat
  8. SR Pg 512 Vol II - Persp Stains Yellow
  9. SR Pg 507 Vol II - Persp - oily.

Taking Thermal as eliminative rubric, after working out the case, I found that apart from Flouric-acid there are other drugs which cover numerically more than Flouric-acid - eg Aur, Lach, Lyc, Nat-mur, Sulph.

But the evolutionary pattern of the patient fits Flouric-acid better.