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Case Study

Jaundice case
Dr P L Sampat
'Nux-v / Nat-ph / Kali-mur

(ED: the general discussion on Jaundice has been omitted, as other articles carry this information.)

Diet, Other Measures and Treatment: Rest from the onset and restrict movement until temperature is normal, the liver returns to normal size and is not tender, no nausea, serum bilirubin is normal for a week. Diet should be high in protein, carbohydrates - no fat or low in fat, a light liquid diet. In serious cases blood transfusion should be given. Tender coconut water in severe jaundice- where urine is dark red color. This is due to serious failure of elimination by the kidneys. Scanty urine - skin color of the blood - dry skin - perspiration was retained and it is great danger to the life.

Other Naturopathy Measures: frequent wet cloth application to subside internal heat and profuse perspiration. This is given to disappear jaundice in nature cure, brought under the surface again and eliminated thoroughly.

Case 1: Ma Pratik aged 10 had jaundice and taken treatment for last two weeks. O/E right abdomen tender, with dropsy of liver, pulse slow, no appetite, nausea and vomiting. Yellowncess of Eyes, urine and skin. During allopathic treatment he ate full meals without any restrictions and no rest. Child was brought by his neighbor who was my patient. Parents were worried as there was no response. Child was feeling weakness, demanding food but not able to retain it.

My Observations: digestive system malfunctioning. Tenderness liver. Complete bed rest was advised, no running around. Avoid oily food, ghee, eggs, fried rich dishes, meat and drinks. Simple diet, especially grams and sugarcane candy. Room should be fully ventilated. If possible sun bath - child was given Nux-v 200, six hourly.

Next day mother telephoned that nausea and vomiting had stopped. Child was feeling fresh. Pain in right abdomen continues. Urine color changed to a lighter yellow but stool was whitish. Child was constipated and weak, taste was bitter. Nux-v 200 continued six hourly. Next day child was brought to the clinic. O/E Pulse slow, liver tender, weakness. Yellowness of eyes, urine, skin had changed to light yellow. No nausea, no vomiting. Mother said in this 2 days child was happy, even his normal anger was reduced. He was particular about his studies. Pulse normal. Liver not tender. But pain right side of abdomen continued. Nux-v 200 four hourly. After 2 days Jaundice disappeared. Child normal. Appetite improved, no weakness, cheerful, no pain in abdomen. Sl was given for one week four hourly - thereafter no complaints. He was advice to continue liquid diet, soup, fresh sugarcane juice and regular meals avoiding oily, ghee, fried items. (Dr Sampat- for how long to continue this diet?)

Case 2:
Mr J M aged 26. He complained of loss of appetite and pain right abdomen, nausea and dark yellow urine. O/E tongue yellow, skin normal, eyes pale and liver dropsy. Patient adviced urine checkup. Medicine was given Nat-phos 30 alternate with Kali-mur 30 - two hourly. Next day in the urine report: bile pigments++ - color of the urine yellow. On examination tenderness of liver >> - no pain in abdomen - no vomiting. He was adviced bed rest and simple diet. Oily - ghee - fried foods were stopped Medicines repeated. Third Day: no nausea - no vomiting, liver normal - pulse normal, appetite improved. He was feeling fresh; medicines were given for one week every four hours alternately. He was cured within a week's time.?

I prefer to give Nat-phos 30 - Kali-mur 30 in jaundice cases were I get good results. But food restrictions and bed rest is must.

(ED: Nat-phos: we understand- with golden yellow tongue of roof of mouth and yellowness- is also a specific for Jaundice. but why Kali-mur. How are results better with this combination as compared to singly Nat-phos?)

Reference "Medicne" - G E Beaument