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Case Study

Miasmatic approach saved the day
Dr Manoj Patel
'Mag-mur / Tub-b

Mr D P age 20, Unmarried, a vaishnav vanik. His father reported in emergency asking for immediate attention. His son was diagnosed as Hepatitis B and his complaints were not improving inspite of being admitted to a nursing home for last 4 days. Hospital authorities we are not willing to keep him as he was a case of Hep B and he was sent back home.

On visiting him I found no major characteristics except - profound weakness & yellow perspiration. He was not even in any position to give details.

SGPT-1200 Bilirubin -22, direct-18, Australia Antigen +ve.
O/E: Icterus+++ Hepatic tenderness ++

One can understand the gravity of the situation.

Details Given by Relatives
He over-exerted for CA exams since last few weeks.
Basically a very sensitive individual, he gets easily burdened with responsibilities. He was in a great conflict, whether he should join the family business or pursue further studies. Cravings: spicy³ {before ailments}

On 18/8/97 Tub-b 1M was given as first dose with the understanding that it might stimulate the susceptibility and give a clear form.

But to my surprise, pt started improving from that very day, albeit gradually. Both the counts steadily improved.

On 25-8-01: T. bilirubin -17; SGPT-529.

On 30/8/97 he developed itching and there was rise in bilirubin. Total bilirubin- 18.7, SGPT-926. Tub-b 10M (1) dose given.

Count gradually improved with total amelioration in two weeks.
Appetite improved; weakness improved.
At the end of three months Australia Antigen was negative.
Dr Asrani adds: In cases of Hep B, 60% cases turn spontaneously negative in 6 mths. So it is significant only if proved after 6 mths. Not that, that detracts from the cure in this case, which was rapid and instant.

Constitutional was defined as Mag-mur and only released at the end of three months. So here the success was due mainly to Tub-b

Selection of Tub-b: Based on absence of any characteristic constitutional symptoms. Profound weakness and the fundamental miasm - Tubercular, gave me the clue to the case.
Fundamental load of disease here is Tubercular
Frequently when we encounter only disease prevalence, the study of fundamental miasm helps. One can now understand and appreciate what compelled Hahnemann to introduce the concept of miasms.

Tubercular Miasm
Characteristic weakness
Disease progressed rapidly
Rapid Sinking of the system by the onslaught of the disease
MIND refined and sensitivity. 3

To Quote Hahemann in Orgonon On the use of the Intercurrent remedy:
when only find the prevalent disease symptoms are found and there is paucity of characteristic symptoms, use of Intercurrent based on fundamental miasm opens up the case and stimulates the susceptibly, to show the path to recovery. When you are not getting any indicated remedies or when indicated remedy fails to act.

Tub: infective process with profound weakness. - is the keynote
And Tuberculinum remedy is the most representative of the Tub miasm, therefore the most used.

This small, but powerful experience brought to me number of references of Hepatitis -B cases. The Laboratory in-charge turned to homoeopathy seeing that gradual improvement with homoeopathy is possible.

Two other family members of the patient got Hepatitis - B and both recovered with their constitutional medicine within a few days due to early detection. Co-incidently, both had taken Hepatitis -B vaccine. I wonder about the role of this vaccination and the hyped propaganda. I strongly feel whenever we have possibility of homoeopathic treatment, we should avoid vaccination.