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Case Study

Dr Kasim Chimthanawala
'Kali-c / Nux-v

Dr S Radhakrishnan, the great philosopher and our National President, said, "Life is like a game of cards. We did not invent the game. We did not formulate the rules. We did not manufacture the cards. And we have no power over its distribution. Yet, when we get the cards, we can play the game wisely or we can play the game badly." This statement is especially true for a homoeopath who has to play his cards wisely, if he has deal effectively and efficiently with his patients. The cards in our armamentarium are the Homoeopathic remedies.

I pay my homage to Late Dr Sarla Sonawala in whose memory we are meeting here today which gives us a chance to polish our weapons i.e. gain something new from the wide and varied experiences of the respective speakers, so that we may apply them in our own practices at our own places.

The Kali Group comprises of the following 25 salts viz;


























Sulph chrom




Hah Tinc acris sine kali

And the Carbonicum group has the following (9+2) salts viz;





Lithium Magnesia Natrum








General Characteristics of

Kali -

Weakness and Prostration
Debilitating states
Early morning aggravation
Pains > motion

Carb -

Carbo nitrogenoid Constitution
Fat and Flabby
Asphyxiation - poor oxygenation
Target organs - skin, glands and GIT
Skin - intertrigo, excoriations
Constipative and Flatulent
Glandular enlargements
Putrid discharges and exhalations

Kali-Carb As A Person
Fleshy torpid build
Temperament - sensitive, obstinate, fearful, full of imaginations, moody and discontented
Craving for company
Tendency to take cold easily.

Complaints AF:
After coition, miscarriage, labor, delivery (Parturation), during/from pregnancy, excessive emissions.

Kali-Carb as a Patient

  1. Temperament - Irritable
    Hypersensitive to pain, touch and noise
    Despondent, Afraid of loneliness
  2. Weakness, lethargy and Prostrated
  3. Perspiration
  4. Chilly
  5. < early morning: 2-3 am

Anxiety felt in stomach
Sensation as if stomach filled with water
Baglike swelling upper eyelids
Nasal stuffiness in warm room
Asthma > rocking
Backache severe with sharp shooting pains descending down the thighs with numbness > motion
Stitching pains > motion, lying painful side
Soles sensitive and small of back feels weak


  1. In contradictory states like.

1.   Large discharge of blood with normal stools

2.   Nose stuffs up in warm room

3.   Stitching pain in anus 1 hour before stool

4.   Pain in piles while coughing

5.   All left sided complaints except chest (Rt)

  1. Completes the action of Carbo-veg and Nux-vom
  2. In Pleurisy when Bry fails
    In Abd colic when Colo fails
    In Asthma when pt Bends double and does not get relief after Ars fails.

4. Kali Carb


Stitching pains

Stitching pains

> motion

< motion

< lying painful side

> lying painful side

Case 1:
Bronchial Asthma, Lumbar Spondylosis and Prolapse Rectum.
A 42 years female presented on 23-1-98 with the following complaints:

  1. Severe backache - 10 years
    Pain in the lower back extending to thighs BS with stiffness < winters, during menses, working in water. > SWD, Hot application, massage, walking while.
    Started during last pregnancy and increased after delivery.
    11 yrs Back numbness both lower legs with swelling feet after walking.
    Pain - burning, stitching, shooting type.
  2. Asthmatic troubles: 9 - 10 years
    Recurrent attacks of dry cough followed by difficult breathing, chest pain,
    Phlegm stringy, difficult to expectorate, offensive mouth,
    < Early morning, lying Rt Side, winter, > Forward bending, rocking, Summer.
    H/O Recurrent Pharyngitis since childhood, Bronchitis at 12 yrs of age.
    Pulmonary (Rt lower lobe) 13 years age.
  3. Rectal Prolapse with bleeding PR even with normal stool, started after 3rd delivery 14 years ago.
  4. Gets easily exhausted.

Temperament: Sensitive, Moody, irritable and obstinate
Intense desire for company
Discontented and fearful
Appetite erratic, LIKES sweets ++
Stools: hard + occasional bleeding PR with prolapse of rectum
Urine: 4-5/D and 3-4/N, urgency more at night
Menses: 1/40-45 days, pale and scanty flow
Sleep: feels sleepy immediately after eating

P/H: Rt SMG1 swollen - excised
Skin eruptions on both feet during childhood > ointments
F/H: Mother died of TB, father has high BP, all the 3 issues chilly.

O/E: GC Fair, Cooperative, pallor ++
P-78/min, regular, poor in V and T, BP 112/78 mm
No cyanosis/clubbing or Odema feet
Abd - soft and distended, Liver/spleen - NP
RS - scattered Ronchi ++
CVS - HS pure. CNS - NAD

Planning and Programming:
Nux-v - As an indicated remedy on presenting symptoms, so acute
Kali-c - Temperament so constitutional remedy
Tub-b - As an intercurrent remedy



Nux-v 200 1d
Pt exercise/SWD SOS

14 days after

Backache much >>
Feels weak in the morning
LMP 2-2-98/2D less

SL 1 0D x 15 days

22 days after

Backache ++
Stools constipative, bleeding once
Menses normal

Nux-v 1M 1d

7 days after

Backache no much change [Acute http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif const]
Stools >>, no bleeding
Prolapse ++

Kali-c 200 1d

10 days after

Backache >>, Pt feels >, stools soft
Prolapse +, No Bleeding, No menses

SL 1 0D x 15D

15 days after

No much complaints, feeling >>
Menses after 36 days (4D)

SL 1 0D x 15D

5 days after

Backache ++, has become irritable
Prolapse +

Kali-c 1M 1D

10 days after

Backache >>, Patient feeling >
Stools >, No bleeding
Prolapse +

SL 1 0D x 10D

15 days after

Patient feeling better in all respects
Stools soft, daily, no bleeding

Tuber 1M 1D

1 month after

No major problems
Itching eruption on both feet < night

SL 1 TDS x

7 days after

Eruptions as it is

SL 1 TDS X 10D

Case 2: Lumbago with FUH and Spina bifida
A 38 years female came on 3-4-99 with complaints of

  1. Long lasting menstrual flow for 10-12 days - 6 yrs
  2. Urinary Troubles: Urine 4-6/D 4-5/N, at times involuntary on coughing
  3. Gastric Troubles since long. At times even regular food items did not agree Acidity and Flatulence < sweets.

Life History: An averagely built, hard working lady, born and groomed in a middle class family and married at a tender age of 17 years to a Bank Officer.
Delivered 4 children-4 FTND with 3 abortions within 15 yrs.
Last MTP done 6 yrs back. Menarche at 17 yrs.

  1. Menses long-lasting flow for 10-12 days since 6years. Menstrual problems started after MTP. Since then she has never recovered completely. Prolonged menstrual flow makes her more exhausted and irritable.
    Took tonics. Digestive enzyme preparations, Iron Tabs off and on whenever she felt weak. D and C about 4 yrs back but with no respite.
    Severe pain in small of the back along with stiffness during menstrual flow. Pain-pricking, stitching, shooting type, descended down to thighs (Bilateral). Legs feel numb (Bilateral)
    < Forward bending, morning, physical exertion. > hot fomentation.
  2. Urine problems started after her last delivery ie. 7 years back.
    Frequent urination at night with dribbling at the end, edema feet + < coition after, in winters > summer and while at work.

Temperament: Sensitive, irritable and moody.
Felt exhausted all the time with aversion to any physical/mental work.
Likes to move about in the neighbourhood.
Repeated episodes of fearful anxiety, imagined she is very unlucky, will never recover, is a burden to her family etc.
Always unsatisfied with whatever she possessed.
Sexual Appetite which was too much in the beginning has reduced to a mere formality.
Stool occasionally hard, at times bloody streaks lining stool.
Appetite - Average

P/H - Jaundice in childhood, Ottorrhoea Lt till 12-13 years of age
F/H - Mother died of Pulmonary TB (when pt. was 12 yrs of age)
Father - Alcoholic, Cirrhosis of Liver
Sister - No child (14 years of marriage)
Brother - Alcoholic, piles

Personal History - Vegetarian with occasional eggs, studied till 8th Standard
Obstetric History: Bad. PPH after every delivery
O/E - A average build, pallor + P-78/min BP 110/70 mm. SM G1 ++ Both Sides,
O/I - Hb - 9.8 gms%, X-ray Lumbar Spine - Spina Bifida +


LMP 2-3-99

Nux-v 200 1d stat


Menses yesterday-Flow ++, back pain ++
No stools 2 days. Urine burning + urging +

Nux-v 200 3d 4 hrly


Flow ++, back pain +Stool - hard, bloody streak



LMP 9th, flow ++, feels prostrated Back pain ++, Stiffness++ Stools ½ - 3d. Urine 3-4/D, 2-3/N, burning+

Kali-c 200 1dsoe stat
SL 1 TDS x 21 D


Complaints much >>, Mentals >Irritability >, Weakness+ Menses >, pain less Urine 5-6/D, 1-2/N no burning Oedema feet +, Sleep>
Stools daily, no bleeding

SL 1BDx 20 D
PT exercises


Left ear discharge ++
Menses normal. Backache+

SL 1 QID x 10D
PT exercises continued


Left ear discharge continued



Menses >> Lumbago +>, Ear discharge >


Nux-v - as an indicated remedy of presenting symptoms
Kali-c - on mentals, menstrual problems, started ear discharge
PT exercises for pain in Spina bifida.