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Case Study

The Idealist Do -Gooder.
Nina Doshi.
` Nit-ac.

His childhood was spent at the maternal grandfathers house due to poor family condition. He was brilliant but aggressive and mischievous. He always faced problems with the Monitor of the class and the Principal (against authority). He gradually became hostile towards the latter and hated him for blacklisting him from the school.

He had a strict, disciplinarian and religious mother and an idealist, and close natured father. A rebel of sorts, talkative, he often goes into fights with his father and classmates. He had the goal of studying medicine and serving the rural population but had to contend with doing B Sc after contemplating quitting studies since he could not get admission in a medical college.

Later he could not find a job for three years and became frustrated. Somehow he found a job in a textile mill which unfortunately closed down. Presently he has a transferable job. Being an idealist, there are conflicts, tensions and problems of being wrongly accused. He was influenced by a Guru during his college life. He wanted to be a revolutionary and do things for the underprivileged. He underwent lot of hardships in the early years, along with responsibility of the household affairs. Whenever someone was sarcastic, he did not react but inwardly wanted to show them by growing into someone of authority.

When promoted with a transfer, he took it up against his wishes. This compromise makes him resentful and guilty. A feeling of home-sickness overwhelms him often. Of a very helpful nature - he goes out of his way to help inspite of being made a fool. Very compassionate and meticulous. Cannot forgive insults and wants to take revenge. There is a constant fear of catching a disease and so uses Dettol to avoid getting any ailment. Setbacks in life make him nervous. He fears failures but it does not deter him to keep striving. He constantly broods over his mistakes. Future goal is politics.

Such a person, now aged 35 years, unmarried, came with the complaints of

  1. Backache since 5-6 months which radiates down from the right thigh to the right knee joint. The pain is intermittent in character with a sensation of dislocation, a feeling of an electric shock, sometimes needle like or pricking. It started with a sudden jar in the back after a fall down the staircase. The pain makes concentration difficult and is aggravated while driving.
  2. A congestive pain in the heels.
  3. Headache. The pain moves upwards from the eyes with a sensation of imbalance along with pain in the jaws and occiput. The pain is better by pressure.
  4. Flapping in the ears worse on talking. This worries him.
  5. There are recurrent episodes of amoebic dysentery, started after drinking a certain river water.
  6. Small, black warts on hands and neck.

Past History:

  1. Left sided Renal colic (in 1985) with haemorrhage.
  2. Acute allergic sneezing with body ache (1984-85).
  3. Allergic Rash (in 85) took some medicines for it.
  4. Recurrent amoebic dysentery.

Family History: No major ailments


Craving - Spicy, Fatty foods, Fish
Aversion - Bread, Meat
Sleep - Disturbed after being wrongly accused. Fidgety during sleep. There are dreams with a feeling of depression. He however cannot remember the dreams.

Treatment and Follow-up:

18-6-92 - A dose of Nitric acid 1M (2) followed by SL for a week.
19-6-92 - He took the dose at 8:45 pm on the 19th. He slept at 11 pm and woke up wide awake at 4:30 am. He felt burning and uneasiness all over the body till around 7 am. He also had unsatisfactory stools. So he came on the 20th to know what ails him and the reason for what was happening to him.
Treatment - Reassurance given and asked to continue the medicine.
26-6-92 - Flapping of ears, worse while talking. Backache and pain in the legs with numbness and prickling pain felt more in the night. He however felt better than before. A feeling that pain will recur, but does not. Sleeps well. Anger with speaking out, which makes him feel better. Tongue is yellow coated posteriorly with a crack in front.
Treatment - SL to continue
15-7-92 - There is itching all over the body last 2 days. Had a bout of sneezing with coryza before that. Pain starts on overexertion. Feels cool and complacent. Stools - normal.
Treatment - SL for 7 days.
30-7-92 - Comes to thank me since he feels much better mentally and physically the pains have disappeared. In his own words, I feel like a changed person.

Portrait of the patient through Mind Rubrics:

  1. Admonition aggravates
  2. Ailments due to discords between chief and sub-ordinates.
  3. Anxiety about health
  4. Besides oneself - pain by little
  5. Discouraged with rage
  6. Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences.
  7. Embittered - exasperated
  8. Estranged from family
  9. Hatred of persons who had offended him
  10. Revengeful and hatred
  11. Objective, reasonable
  12. Homesickness with silent humor
  13. Perseverance
  14. Restlessness, uneasiness midnight after until 4 hours. (After taking the dose of Nitric-ac 1M)
  15. Sympathetic, compassionate.