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Case Study

Case of Renal Failure.
Mamgain S K.
` Stram.

On 19th February 1989 I was asked to visit a patient in critical condition a 15 year old girl who had not passed urine since the 16th Feb (i.e. for 72 hours). She was preparing for her High School Examinations. On 16th Feb while studying, she fainted and went into a stupor-like condition at 12:30 p.m. Till then she was perfectly fine. By evening she started getting double vision.

On 19th February, a catheter was passed after which a small amount of urine was passed. A sample of this was sent for pathological examination. She was started on 5 percent Dextrose drip.

When I visited the patient at 2:30 p.m. there was hardly 50ml of urine in the urine bag attached to the catheter.

Symptoms as they evolved:

  1. Seven heaviness in the head.
  2. Severe vertigo
  3. Delirium, fear of being murdered
  4. Since 16th Feb she had no appetite, no thirst. Drinks little, only at night.
  5. No stools since 17th Feb.
  6. On sitting up there was pain in the left hypochondrium.
  7. Diplopia
  8. A state of stupor; on calling she arouses with difficulty and soon relapses into the stupor.

Physical examination:

  1. Tenderness of lower abdomen and left hypochondrium
  2. Eyes- white with a wild look
  3. Tongue- slightly coated and dry.
  4. Liver / Spleen-not palpable
  5. No lymphadenopathy or lump in abdomen.


Urine- Chemical exam NAD Microscopic Pus cells- 1-2/hpf Epithelial cells- 4-5/hpf
Blood Urea- 35 mg /100 ml

Treatment given since 16th Feb:

  1. 5 percent and 10 percent Glucose
  2. IV Manitol
  3. IV Lasix
  4. IV Ampicillin

Homoeopathic Treatment:

19th Feb- She was given Stramonium 30 at 2:30 p.m. After 15 minutes of the dose, the rate of urine outflow was 40 drops per minute. When I visited the patient at 5:15 p.m. there was marked improvement in the patients condition. The catheter was removed at 4 p.m. and then she had passed 300ml of urine.

20th Feb 1989- 11 a.m. on 20th Feb 89 the patient passed a normal amount of urine once. She slept well in the night. The diplopia was better. There was a lot of drowsiness. She had not yet passed any stools. Stramonium 30.

21st Feb 89- She passed stools. The urination was normal in amount and frequency. The drowsiness persisted. The thirst and appetite was still poor. Stramonium 30.

22nd February 89- There was heaviness in the head. No Diplopia. Some drowsiness and anxiety was present. Urine scanty and dark. There was ineffectual and frequent urging to urinate with pain in the urethra. She could pass only a small amount of urine. Frequent ineffectual urging to stool. No stool passed since 21st Feb. Nux-vomica 30.

24th Feb 89- Felt cheerful. Urine, stools, appetite and thirst were normal. She started studying for her exams which were due soon. Nux-vomica 30.

28th Feb 89- She was perfectly well. No medicine was given.

She passed her examinations which started on 1st March 89, the first division.


The following were the symptoms in the Materia Medica which indicated Stramonium- Clarkes Dictionary of HMM.

Mind- Dullness of all senses, insensibility to external influence.
Delirium generally characterized by terror with visions of frightful spectres.
Hallucinations that cause terror or rage.
Head- Intoxication and dizziness.
Eyes- Diplopia
Abdomen- Painful on touch
Urinary organs- Suppression of secretion of urine.
Allens Encyclopedia:
Mind- Continually strange objects intrude upon his fancy, frightening him (112). He always imagines that he is alone and is firghtened (128). STUPEFACTION (148). DEEP STUPOR (252)
Eyes- Glassy bright, pupils dilated (442). Staring eyes (426). Double sight (534). All objects seem double (537). Double and confused vision (539).
Appetite- Loss of appetite (849)
Abdomen- Increased sensitiveness of the abdomen (993)
Urinary organs- Stool and urine suppressed (1056). Bladder empty (1059).

Above all, the action along with the pace of the remedy prescribed proves the correctness of diagnosis.