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Case Study

Churchill Who Lost Control.
Vishpala Parthasarathy.
` Caust.

Churchill (Not the renowned Prime Minister of UK, but my aptly named adorable two and a half years old male Boxer dog) suddenly lost control over his bladder and wet the drawing room. I was horrified! He had not done this since two years and I could not fathom the cause.

It was the 13th day of my 89 year old grandma passing away and we were to have the ritual lunch. Was he upset at the loss? or was it a prank? My first reaction was anger. But he looked so woebegone as he sat tied up in the doorway to my room, on and off wetting the area as if he had no control. One dose of Causticum 30 stopped the urine for 6 hours. The second dose was needed in the evening.

The next day I took him to the Vet who catheterized him and collected the urine which after examination showed Nephritis (see report). A long list of medicines were prescribed. I filed it and continued Causticum tds. Four days later I wanted to repeat the urine test. Have you tried collecting a dogs urine? an unenviable task indeed. Mug in my hand, I followed him round and round the compound wanting to catch him at his job. But everytime the mug went into place he would look at the mug and just stop. Eventually I collected the magnificent amount of 10ml and put it in a large bottle. A little shamefaced I explained the situation to the pathologist and asked him to test the urine even with that small amount, even if it meant omitting the specific gravity.

Very cooperatively, not wanting me to repeat my run around with a mug, he obliged. The report showed improvement (See Below).

The vet was very happy and asked me to continue the long list of remedies for 3 more days but I persisted with Causticum.

Why Causticum? Look at him. Such a gentleman patient, mind mannered, never retaliating at the little kitten which came into our house and into Churchills life on 26th April 94 she had hardly settled down when she started fights with him. Gradually they stepped up their animosity into cold war then truce then friendship the kitten snuggled up to him and he fathered her! So, Causticum it was.

Urine Report:

Report 9th May 94 13th May 94 
Volume 20ml 5ml Reaction Alkaline Acidic SG 10 Deposits Present Trace
Albumin + - Bile salts & Pigments + Faint trace
Pus Cells 12-15/hpf 2-3/hpf Crystals Absent Calcium + oxalates.