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Case Study

My Body is in pieces .
Sameer Upadhya.
` Sulph.

On 11th March 1994, I was called for a visit to see Shri K, who was bedridden since 5 days with an acute attack of rheumatic arthritis. He had taken some pain killers without relief. There was a history of a similar attack 7 years ago, which being treated by Sulphur 1M, left him free of pain for 7 long years.

As he was better with Sulphur 1M, I gave him one dose of Sulphur 1M and asked him to report after two days. Unfortunately, Sulphur 1M did not help and he remained the same after two days.

I saw him again on the 13th of March94. He was lying in bed and not able to move his hands or legs. Any movement caused severe pain. He had sudden severe jerks in any part of the body. The pains were sudden, wandering, erratic and electric like; suddenly shooting from any part of the body and radiating to the region of the heart or abdomen. The pains were so severe that he felt as if all the parts of his body were separated. He had backache and severe pain along the spinal cord aggravated by stooping.

All the pains were worse in the evening and at night. Worse on walking, touch and pressure. His breath, sweat and urine were very offensive. Urine smelled like rotten eggs. The tongue was coated yellow at the base with offensive smell from the mouth. He also dreamt of a black cat.


  1. K 1237- Dreams of black cat
  2. KR 687- Urine smells like rotten eggs

The remedy which covered both these rubrics was Daphne-indica.
Boerickes Materia Medica confirmed the remedy.
13th March 94- He was given Daphne-indica 30 tds for 4 days.
18th March 94- Pain was better almost by 50-60 percent. There was no smell in the urine. The offensive sweat and breath was less.
Daphne-indica 30 was continued tds for 7 days. After 7 days he came smiling to my clinic, feeling much better.