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Case Study

A Terminal Case of Renal Failure
Mahesh Parikh.
` Lyc.

EDITOR: This case has been given to demonstrate that a homoeopathic remedy can work even in advanced pathology. This was the first case of the author, an allopathic doctor and has set him on the homoeopathic path.

Mrs P, a 65 years old lady was diagnosed as Chronic Renal Failure. After a year of conservative treatment she was taken up for dialysis. As her ECG showed changes, she could not be haemodialysed. Therefore, she was treated with a peritoneal dialysis. Unfortunately there was a block in the Omentum where the permanent catheter had been inserted in the abdomen. As a result no further peritoneal dialysis could be given. With no options left, the patient was discharged.

At home, she developed myoclonic jerks and became unconscious the terminal stage. Homoeopathy was tried as a last resort.

Treatment: Eel-serum Mother tincture 10-15 drops every hour was prescribed. With this the myoclonic jerks stopped. Thereafter, Lycopodium the constitutional medicine was given in increasing potencies. After this she regained consciousness and could communicate with others. This gave her an opportunity to express what was in her mind including her last wishes. Unfortunately, she started bleeding from the various sites of peritoneal dialysis and of intravenous injections, which was impossible to control. All drugs were hence withdrawn and she was allowed to pass away peacefully.


The patient was very intelligent and artistic. She created fantastic miniature collections from wastes which people brought for lakhs of rupees. Her, mind was clear and was very helpful. She was very friendly and co-operative. There was a marked desire for sweets. She had tendency for distension of abdomen and a lot of flatus passed downwards.

Conclusion: Homoeopathy is effective even in terminal cases. In the above case, a patient who was to die, recovered substantially and was able to communicate. Had Homoeopathy been started earlier, the result would have been better.