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Case Study

The Quiet Lover
Vishpala Parthasarathy.
` Mag-m.

A girl aged 19 years studying TYBCom, developed a severe shooting pain in the lumbar region in February 1993, while she was in Muscat on a holiday with her father. The pain lasted for about 4-6 hours. Then it recurred 5-6 times until June 1993, when a severe bout of pain brought her to me. The pain usually starts around 4 P.M. She also vomited once or twice with the pain. An X-Ray was done on 9th June 1993 which showed ureteric calculi, and a mild hydronephrosis of the left kidney.


Chronic headache for about a month from cold, sun summer. Usually occurring around 4-5 p.m. Frequent colds and poor appetite with some weight loss, acne on the face, large and painful, completed her list of complaints. The acne were worse before menses and associated with heaviness of mammae and tenderness together with leucorrhoea.


Appetite-poor. Craves chicken, cold drinks sweets (3+) and eggs. 
Perspiration- scanty and offensive, leaving yellow stains which do not wash off easily.
Thermal Hot patient. Liked open air and winter. Averse to sun which gave her a headache. She likes to take a warm bath.
Previous history- Measles at 4 years of age. Her maternal uncle had cancer of stomach.
By nature she was quiet. Even when she got angry, she kept it to herself, wept and brooded. She has few friends and keeps to herself. She gets nervous on hearing bad news. Is obstinate to an extent and dislikes contradiction. Sleep is good with few dreams.


She was born in 1973, and brought up in Bombay the elder of 2 girls. Father left in 1981 to work in a Muscat bank as branch manager. The family joined him in 1983. She studied there from 5th to 11th standard. For college she returned to Bombay with her mother and sister. She plans to do a computer course. Her father visits his family once in six months.


  1. SR 810- Quiet and Reserved
  2. SR 15- Ailments from anticipation
  3. SR 13- Affectionate
  4. SR 15- Worse contradiction
  5. SR 1067- Weeps
  6. SR 115- Broods
  7. KR 1404- Worse sun
  8. KR 1404- Worse summer
  9. BBR 680- Worse menses before-breasts heavy
  10. PhR 106- Acne
  11. KR 152- Skin, oily greasy
  12. KR 1298- Perspiration, offensive
  13. SR II 274 and 239- Craving sweets and eggs

The group of remedies which emerged were Natrum-mur, Lachesis, Lyco, Puls, Mag-m and Silicea

The quiet, suppressed, anxious nature, the aggravation at 4p.m. and staining of perspiration tilted the balance in favor of Magnesium-mur


10/6/93- Mag-mur 200 one dose with Berberis-vulgaris Q 5 drops sos (pathological prescription)
17/6/93- Acne (3+), Pain mild. Placebo.
22/6/93- Acne better. Pain in abdomen, worse urinating. Mag-mur 200 one dose.
1/7/93- Pain better by 90 percent, Acne better. Placebo.
3/7/93- She had an acute episode of vomiting after taking egg curry. She vomited 5-6 times per day with weakness and little thirst.
Ars-alb 200 to repeat after every vomit.
15/7/93- Acute episode over.
Mag-mur 200 one dose (constitutional dose repeated).
27/7/93- Headache every evening. Poor appetite. She looked very low in spirits. On questioning she eventually told us that her boy friend in Kerala had contracted TB Meningitis and was in the hospital unconscious.
Ignatia 1M one dose.
3/8/93- Better.
To consolidate the action of Ignatia, she was given Mag-mur 1M one dose.
26/8/93- Acne better. Placebo.
In August three doses of Mag-mur were needed to be given to help her overcome the depression 28/10/93- Acne (3+++), 10-12 a week
Mag-mur 10M one dose
After that her acne increased for two weeks and then reduced. On 6th December 1993 an X ray KUB was done which showed no calculus. 
Her acne were better, as also the boy friend. She has kept well since.