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Case Study

Fixity does not pay
Khan L M.
` Abrot / Sulph.

(EDITOR: These cases were dictated to me from memory by Se M Khan when I pestered him for some cases during the Feb OMHI AMHL international congress. Therefore the reporting is brief and does not mention specific dates.)

Case 1:
A child of 15 years came to me with white spots on the abdomen and face. The boy took many types of treatment but all in vain. Then I asked about the childs nature from his childhood. His mother told me that he was very cruel as a child. He used to kill butterflies and bees. I gave him a dose of Abrotanum. Three months later the white patch was better 40 percent. After 6 months the patch became lighter and now only 10 percent is left. He is still under observation.

Case 2:
A lady of 35 years came to me in 1990 with some white patches on elbow, waist and back. There was no improvement for 2 years. Yet she continued my treatment and I continued to battle with her case. In 1992, one day during the interview she suddenly told me to excuse her for five minutes. I asked her why? She old me that she wanted to eat something now. I noticed that it was 11:30 a m. Then I asked her more about this and she said that she gets burning in the stomach if she does not eat. I touched her hand and was hot. So I gave her Sulphur in LM potency. This was in Oct 1992. (2 years after she first consulted me) The patch on her waist and elbow be came 50 percent better. She is still under observation.