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Case Study

The stubborn child
Dr Jaiswal G D.
` Sil.

A 10 year old school girl was brought to me, with two white patches of Leucoderma on the face. One patch was around the left eye and the second on the left cheek.
Her important physical symptoms were-

  1. Perspiration-profuse on palms and soles
  2. Past and present history of recurrent colds.
  3. Craving for eggs.

These symptoms were not enough to decide the prescription. So I asked the mother "How is shy by nature?" The spontaneous answer was "very stubborn". I asked her to give an example of her stubbornness. She said "Once she could not do her homework given by the class teacher. On seeing her disturbed, the father wrote a letter to her class teacher requesting him not to punish his daughter. Very surprisingly, the next morning she insisted her mother to accompany her to school. The mother explained to the class teacher the circumstances, which did not allow her daughter to complete the homework. During the conversation the patient remained silent and avoided talking to the teacher.

My interpretations:

  1. Taking her mother to school, confirms her stubbornness.
  2. She remained silent and avoided talking with the teacher. This reflected poor self confidence and cowardice to face the situation.

Considering the mental and physical symptoms together, I decided to give Silicea. Since it was based predominantly on mentals, I gave two doses of 1M potency on the same day, followed by placebo. (George Vithoulkas in his book The Essence of Materia Medica writes, that Silicea has a liking for eggs like Pulsatilla andCalc-carb).


The very first prescription showed excellent improvement. Silicea1M was repeated every 2 months for about 10 months at the end of which the spots disappeared completely.