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Case Study

Leucoderma - a few cases
Dr Sujit Chatterjee.
` Verat / Bar-c / Pall / Thuj

Leucoderma is an autoimmune disorders. I have seen many doctors treating this disorder with specifics like Ars-sulph-flavum and Tuberculinum as an intercurrent. According to me, this type of treatment results in palliation of Homoeopathic suppression. I have obtained results in many of my Leucoderma cases, when I prescribed purely on the totality without using a reference to the rubric Skin, discolouration white (a pathological symptom).

Case 1:
Mrs M M, aged 50 years, had extensive Leucoderma of the whole left leg since the last two years. She used to get a repeated dream, that God is talking with her. She was very religious and used to pray for a very long time every day. Her ultimate aim in life was to get salvation. She had intense craving for sweets and fruits. She had some financial loss. She had a strong grief that she could not secure a seat in a medical college. When I asked her how not getting a seat affected her, she replied "A doctor has a high status in society".

With the above history I gave her Verat-alb 1M because of the following rubrics-

  1. Delusion, God in communication with, he he (SR I 293)
  2. Religious (SRI 1828)
  3. Praying (SRI 1799)
  4. Despair of salvation (SRI 1395)
  5. A / F Pecuniary loss (SRI 1210)
  6. Grief (SRI 1566)
  7. Desire for fruits (SRI 1246)
  8. Burns (SRI II 53)

Follow up
There was hardly any improvement in the first ten months, and her dreams remained the same. Once she dreamt of snakes. When I asked her what she felt about it, she replied that it was a symbol of God. On another occasion she had a dream of saint.
She hardly did any work but presented herself to us, as if she was occupied with some important work. (I am not mentioning the full detailed story here) The I started repeating Verat-alb 1M one dose every second or third month.
After a few months she started feeling better in general and from then on new pigmentation started. She is very much better now.

Case 2:
Mr M had extensive Leucoderma all over the body. I interviewed him on six consecutive occasions with great patience and time, but I could hardly get any symptoms. My impression about him was that he behaved in a way, as if somebody was present in the room. Could this be the reason for his not telling me about himself?
I observed that he had extra hair all over his body. He used to take very hot baths and had intense craving for onions.

So I took the following rubrics- Del strangers seem to be in the room. SR I 360.
Del someone is present. SR I 339 Hot bathing ameliorates. SR II 42. Craving for onions. SR II 259.
Skin, hair, unusual parts on. K 1326.
Thuja 1M was hence given once. Within six months 90 percent of his Leucoderma cleared.

Case 3:
A girl, 4 years of age, had Leucoderma on the forehead since 1-2 years. During casetaking it became obvious, that she never gave any one an opportunity to make any critical remark about her. She felt extremely happy when someone praised her.
I took the following rubrics-

  1. longing for the good opinion of others. SR I 1237.
  2. Del, appreciated she is not. SR I 237.

I did not bother to see the skin rubrics. She was given Palladium1M one dose. From the seventh month dramatic improvement was observed and she now is cured completely.

Case 4:
Master S V, 15 years of age, was suffering from Vitiligo all over his body since the last four years. He was very timid and poor in studies, with an inferiority complex. He could not take his own decisions. This was his condition before the onset of Vitiligo. Baryta-carb 1M was given. Within one year he was 80 percent better.

I have the photographs and video recordings of the above cases before and after treatment. Any doctor interested in seeing them can contact me. I would again like to stress that the patient is more important than disease. Homoeopathy has no specifics.