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Case Study

The little lady
Farida Talati.
` Calc / Bac / Thuj.

Case 1:
Baby M V, aged 3 years, would frequently get acute attacks of tonsillitis. She would get high fever very suddenly and her uncle, who was an allopath, would give her antibiotics. One day her mother observed a few small white spots on the childs face. In a months time the child developed similar white spots all over the body. Huge ones appeared on the legs, (see fig 1a). The mother brought the child to me and I explained to her that the white spots were probably the side effects of the antibiotics give and we would have to antidote it with Homoeopathic medicines. It was them that she realised that those strong drugs can do so much harm to a child.

Her symptoms were-

  1. Fair, fat, flabby.
  2. Potbellied.
  3. Stools-Constipated. Urine normal.
  4. Appetite-always hungry. Thirst moderate.
  5. Sleep-sound
  6. Very sluggish, does not like to move.
  7. P-H of Recurrent tonsillitis treated with antibiotics.
  8. H-o vaccination-BCG, Polio, MMR.
  9. F-H of benign goitre in mother.


Very fastidious, neat and clean. Even at the age of 3 years, her clothes would be spotlessly clean and uncrushed. She would sit like a lady. She was not very cool tempered but knew how to get her way with others without tantrums. This was a clear picture of Calc-carb: the responsible child behaving like an adult.

Thuja 200 three doses followed by SL. Two weeks later, Calc-carb 200 three doses were given and within the next fortnight a few brown spots started appearing on the face.

Over a period of six months Calc-carb was increased to 10M and intercurrently Ars-sulf-flav 30 was given

With this most of the white spots disappeared from above downwards except those of the feet. Calc-carb was increased to 50 M and in a period of one and a half years all the white spots disappeared. During the treatment the child did not have a single attack of tonsillitis, though she did have common cold. (see fig 1b).
Today the child is 10 years old and has not needed medicines either homoeopathic nor allopathic, for the last 5 years.

Case 2:
Master R R, 4½ years old, was brought by parents with-

  1. Huge depigmented patches around his eyes, on forehead and a huge patch on the right side of the chin extending to the neck (see fig 2a, b). There were other patches on the chest, right arm, right forearm at the elbow, on the thumb and knees since the last 2 1-2 years.
  2. Stools-normal.
  3. Urine-normal.
  4. Appetite-normal. Pain in abdomen or vomiting after eating potatoes.
  5. Thirst-moderate.
  6. Sleep-restless. Occasionally startles in sleep.
  7. Immunisation-complete. BCG, Polio, Triple (DPT) and MMR. The mother said that the child was so healthy that there was not much reaction to these vaccines.
  8. Family history of asthma in great grand father and two paternal uncles.
  9. Temperamentally he was a pleasant, friendly child but had a fear of being alone.


4th Nov 88- Thuja 10M, 3 doses, Ars sulph-flav 30.
2nd Dec 88-Not much difference. Bacillinum 200 three doses.
13th Jan 89-was much better. Brown spots appeared in the white patches. Bacillinum 1M, three doses.
3rd Feb 89-Bacillinum 10M, three doses.
21st April 89-Improvement was status quo. So Bacillinum 10 three doses.
2nd July 89-SL.
8th Sept 89-Bacillinum 50 M three doses.
16th Nov 89- Very much better, almost all spots disappeared. Small specs remain.