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Case Study

The wild cat
Dr Prabha Patwardhan.
` Fl-ac.

Gs, a 19 year old male, working as a domestic servant, was sent by his employers, for extensive patches of Leucoderma of 4 years duration. He had patches on the face, chest, upper and lower limbs. (see fig a,b). The patches were pinkish white. He also had headaches, which were worse in the heat of the sun, closed places, heat in general and anger. He was better in the open air and he liked to hit his head with the fists or on the wall.
His appetite was excessive. He felt hungry a few hours after a full meal. He had aversion to sweets and liked his food well salted. He liked cold baths and the winter months.

Mentals: He would get violent angry and beat people. He was fearless and defiant. He was known in the village as the devil. He studied upto the fourth standard in the village and then came to Bombay because of and incident that made him leave the house. Once, for a very minor error, his teacher thrashed him with a stick in front of his classmates. The very same evening, he waited for the teacher and threw stones at him and then fled away from the village. In an earlier incident, he had beaten his elder sister-in-law as she had scolded him. In Bombay he was working in a household where the mistress constantly scolded him. Once she blamed him for breaking a toy that he had not even touched. She was about to hit him when he beat her up. He then lay in wait for the master of the house and would have beaten him too had he not entered his room. He left the house soon after.

At the age of 17, his friends took him to a prostitute and he became a regular visitor. He acquired a venereal disease which was treated by allopathic medicines. A year ago, he became friendly with a girl, to whom he gave many presents. He is determined to marry her. By nature he is very obstinate and gests what he wants. He hates people who offend him and is unforgiving. He has a lot of physical stamina and is capable of doing a lot of hard work.

He gave the history of this sexual exploits quite freely to the two young lady doctors who took his case.
His expression was quite defiant.
He was given a dose of Sulphur 200 and called a week later.
That same night he telephoned me at 11:30 PM asking how he should take the medicines although he had been given clear instructions earlier. This further emphasised his boldness, audacity and lack of fear.
The case was studied and repertorised as-

  1. Hatred and revenge SR I 572.
  2. Rage SR I 813.
  3. Anger SR I 26.
  4. Lascivious. SR I 692.
  5. Strength, muscular. SR I 607.
  6. Bathing, cold, desire for SR II 42.

The remedy was Flouric-acid.
Flouric-acid not listed in the following rubrics-

  1. Rage, violent.
  2. Anger, violent.
  3. Violent. deeds of violent, rage leading to.
  4. Harted.
  5. Defiant.
  6. Audacity.

The Flouric-acid anger appears to be related to hatred with a desire for revenge. So the action is more premeditated and planned.

Treatment & Follow-up:
7th Sept 90-Flouric acid 200 one dose, SL.
21st Sept 90-Headache better. Flouric-ac 1 M one dose, SL.
5th Oct 90-Spots get pink. flouric-ac 1M 1 dose, SL.
22 Oct 90-No change. Flouric-ac 1M 1 dose, SL.
5th Nov 90-Skin improving. Slight pigmentation. Flouric-ac 1M one dose, SL.
19th Nov 90-Improving. SL.
3rd Dec 90-Improving. SL.
31st Jan 91-Improving. SL.

Patient went to the village and did not come back for a whole year. 6th Jan 92-Very better. Face and arms almost clear.

Flouric-ac 1 M one dose.
6th Feb 92-Doing well. SL
20th Feb 92-SL.
24th Mar 92-Face and arms brown.
Discolouration chest and legs clearing. SL.
24th April 92-SL.
1st June 92-SL.
2nd July 92-SL.
3rd Aug 92-Good progress. SL.
16th Nov 92-Face and arms normal. Chest and legs browner. SL.

During the follow-up the headaches cleared first. The skin started improving about 2 months after starting Flouric-ac. During the early months he had some skin eruptions, for which he took allopathic medications, but did not seem to affect the progress. The skin cleared from above downwards.
Photograph shown him in Nov 90 (a,b) and then two years after treatment in Sept 92(c,d).