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Case Study

The Prolapsed Muriatic.
Akshay Banker.
` Mur-ac.

One morning I was called to visit a 38 years old businessman (19-9-95). On the way I was informed that he had ulcerative colitis since 3 months and it was being treated. Now he had a prolapsed rectum, severe pain in anus, and frequent stools.

On entering the room I saw him dressed neat and clean lying on bed. He saw me but showed no sign of enthusiasm; quiet, no gesture of welcoming me.

After the basic formalities, he was asked to describe his problem.

He said - he has a prolapse of the rectum while passing urine and stool and it has to be replaced manually. This prolapse is followed by severe pain at anus and lower limb, associated with equally severe debility. He fears to eat or drink as it would make him go for urine or stool. Whenever he passed stool, he would pass urine first. Also he could not pass urine while standing as stool would also pass. In order to urinate he had to give pressure which was also followed by prolapse. He also had pain at the urethra while attempting to pass urine.

His complaint started in March 1995 with H-o increased frequency of stools with mucus and blood. It was diagnosed as Ulcerative Colitis. It was relieved with modern medicine for 4 months. He lost about 20kg weight in 30 days. His chief present complaint is since this last episode which started on 1st August.

He is basically mild by nature, very reserved with an aversion or dislike to talk much even with his children or wife. He likes to remain quiet. He has no friends. He passes his time thinking - about business, and at present about his illness. He has no other thought except about his illness as to how did it start, what has produced it, why is he suffering, what will happen now? He has no confidence and will not take up new work. His business is joint with his brother but the main work is done by the brother. No desire to work and feels depressed. No addictions. Sound sleep.

Taking the following characteristic symptoms of the case:

  1. Has to pass urine to pass stool.
  2. Prolapsed rectum from or during urine or stool.
  3. Pain at urethra while passing urine.
  4. Has to wait and press to pass urine.

I could think of following medicines - Merc., Podo, Calc, Mur-ac. Out of these, Mur-ac and Podo were prominent. When referred in materia medica, to my surprise I found an exact description of the patients condition in Muriatic-ac (Phatak)" Involuntary stools or prolapse of rectum on urinating. Atony of bladder, must wait a long time, before urine will pass, or has to press hard. Cannot urinate without also passing stool".

Then his symptoms of mind were looked into - Reserved, Quiet disposition, Mild, No self confidence, Brooding; Aversion to talk. Introvert. These confirmed the choice of Muriatic-acid.

Treatment and follow-up:

19-9-95 - Muriatic-acid 30 TID
21-9-95 - His wife rang me to say patient is feeling better, the pain at anus has decreased 25 percent. Debility decreased. For the first time after 1 1-2 months, he attended his factory.
26-9-1995 - Pain at anus decreased by 60 percent. No pain in urethra and can pass urine standing with no passage of stool with it. Slight bleeding in stool once.
Treatment - Ct all.
2-10-95 - Prolapse better 40 percent Feels local tissues have regained vitality and elasticity. He still has to replace the part manually but is not so easy as before.
15-10-95 - Moving about. Nature improved, More communicative. Prolapse better by 60 percent. Pain in the anus better by 80 percent. He was additionally given Calc-fl 3X lotion to be applied locally.
15-11-95 - No other complaint. Better and has gained weight. Looks red as a plum. Prolapse was better by 65 percent.
Treatment - Placebo.