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Case Study

Carcinocin - Different Aspects.
Neera R K.
` Carc.

Case 1:
Mr M P, aged 45 years; married since 16 years and having two sons, came with the complaint of sinusitis of 10 years standing, severity more on the right side. Coryza is bland, yellow or white difficult to blow out but feels better when removed.

H-o Urinary tract infection and Angina.
Hot patient, aggravation in summer, better in monsoon and winter.
Appetite-normal, not found of sweets.
Thirst-very less.
Perspiration-Stains yellow but washable.
Mind- Very particular about reaching at the appointed time, Fastidious, like walking, likes seashore, likes scenic spots. Hobbies-painting, nature, seeling cricker or any other sports on TV. Religious and interested in palmistry.

Essential Totality:

  1. Fastidious
  2. Loves seashore.
  3. Likes nature.
  4. Suffers chronically.

On the basis of the totality, Carcinocin 200 three doses and SL for 15 days were given.
Patient reported after 15 days saying that he was better but still had white discharge from the nose. Carcinocin 200 one dose given.
After a few days the patient returned with fever, yellow discharge but feeling much better in general. Carcinocin 200 one dose given.
Patient came after six months for some minor ailments which responded to one dose of Carcinocin 200.

Case 2:
Miss AP, 21 years old, came with complaints of-

  1. Pain in the abdomen one day before menses better by local heat.
  2. Depression two days before menses: feels unfortunate and weeps.
  3. Occasionally fever two days before menses better by paracetamol.

Past history- of eye injury with glass pieces, operated for corneal opacities. Presently watering of eyes agg in the sun.
Food habits- Pure vegetarian; has never tasted non-veg; prefers salads, likes all fruits, loves ice cream and hates fried food.
Thirst- drinks a lot of water, 13-14 glasses a day.
Perspiration- Not much, does not stain clothes.
Sleep- Sound sleep.
Dreams- Pessimistic, feels unlucky, something bad is going to happen.
Hobbies- listening to classical music.
Mind- very obstinate, fastidious, introvert, very sympathetic, does not like consolation.

  1. Fastidious SR I 472 Carc 3+.
  2. Obstinate SR I 787 Carc 2+.
  3. Consolation agg SR I 181 Carc 2+.
  4. Sensitive to music SR 901 Carc 2+.

8th Sept 1990, based on totality. Carcinocin 200 three doses with SL for 7 days.
15th Sept 1990 Patient better in general. Carcinocin 200 one dose.
3rd Nov 1990 No premenstrual abdominal pain, no depression, no watering of eyes (she never came again with this complaint). SL for 15 days. 2nd Feb 1991 C / o dandruff and falling of hair.Carcinocin 200 one dose.
After this patient has never reported back.

Case 3:
Mr PM 48 years old came with complaints of persistent colds and cough. Gets nose block, mainly on the right side, ever since he was operated for tympanoplasty on the left ear.

  1. C/o cold followed by cough and fever.
  2. Pain in middle of left scapula, left chest and base of the chest.
  3. Feels dizzy sometimes while walking.
  4. Cramps of the joints of the thumb, better by massaging.
  5. Pain in the hip joint.

X Ray cervical spine was taken on 25th Nov 92. It showed early disc degeneration with narrowing at C 5,6,7. Patients is on Septilin.

Food habits- Likes all food; no particular craving, though he prefers salty over sweets. In the past, patient occasionally used to have alcohol. Now stopped due to digestive problems. Avoid cold thing since it aggravates.
Thirst- Normal Perspiration-On palms, armpits and feet.
Season- prefer winter.
Sleep- normal. Sleep in supine position or sometimes on the side.
Dreams- nothing particular.
Mind-fastidious, wants things to be done in methodical way. Contradiction is not tolerated and he gets angry, Religious.
Hobbies- Reading novels, specially liked outdoor games in young age. Prefers holidays on a hill station. His dream is to have a bungalow at hill top with lot of greenery around. Likes music which is soft, religious. Life history & Family history-As a child he was playful and ambitious. Father died when patient was 16 years old. Mother died recently of heart attack. Two brother died to heart attack. Sister died of Cerebrovascular accident.
On taking the totality Aurum-met and Carcinocin were close. I decided to give Carcinocin on the following rubrics.

  1. Contradiction intolerant of.
  2. Fastidious.
  3. Sensitive to music.
  4. Loves nature.

12th Dec 92 Based on totality. Carcinocin 200 three doses and SL for 15 days.
26th Dec: patient better in general. Slight cough. No chest pain. Patient was to outstation. Hence SOS was given. Carcinocin 200 one dose (SOS only)
23rd Jan 93 patient telephoned, feeling much better. No need for SOS dose.

Conclusion & Inference:
So the common factors in all the three cases are-

  1. Fastidious-methodical, likes things tidy.
  2. They love mother nature. They like to do things which remind them of or keep them close to nature.
  3. They are sensitive to soft music.
  4. Contradiction intolerance of.
  5. Hot patient.
  6. Sound sleep.
  7. Prefer salty food to sweets. None of the three showed craving for chocolates (Cr Salt SR II 266-Carc 2+).