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Case Study

The Thwarted Professor
Dr Sameer Upadhya.

Mr Patel, aged 32 years, came to me on 25th Nov 1992, complaining of chronic dysentery with recurrent worm infestation since childhood. He also had.

  1. Cough and cold every now and then which was worse by cold drinks.
  2. Recurrent ulcers in mouth for about for years.
  3. White discolouration (tinea versicolor) especially around the neck, upper part of the chest and back.
  4. Loud offensive flatus occasionally.

He is the only son of his parents from a middle class family. His father was retired clerk. He studied with a lot of financial problems. He passed MSc with high percentage and then joined the university as a lecturer. His father desired that he should do some business and earn more. He was methodical, fastidious and wanted company.

Personal History:
Desire: Sweets 2+, Spicy, cold drinks and cold bath.
Perspiration: All over. Cold sweat (2+), more in the palms, offensive.
Thirst: quite less.
Stool: 5-6 times days, mucus (2+) with abdominal pain.
Sleep: On sides and on abdomen. Salivation (2+), Startless in sleep.
Dreams: Talking to his dead grandmother and taking her advice (Delusion-Talking to dead people).

My observation were-

  1. He is mild, yielding.
  2. Anxiety about health.
  3. Talks to dead people.
  4. Lack of self confidence.
  5. Dependent-emotionally and financially.
  6. Seeking support.

I considered Calc-sil on the basis of his dreams and with the help of the following rubrics-

  1. Del taking to dead people SR 363.
  2. Confidence, want of self SR 159
  3. Anxiety, health about. SR 80.

I found the feeling of this patient almost like what has been described in the situational materia medica of Calc-sil in the book The Spirit of Homoeopathy by Dr Rajan Sankaran.

Treatment & Follow up:
Two doses of Calc-sil 200 were given on 25th Nov 92.
15th Dec 92-Feels better. Abdominal pain much les. Mucus in stool less. Stools not satisfactory. No itching at anus. No ulcer in mouth. Flatulence decreased. SL x 20 days.
10th Jan 92-Feels much better. Abdominal complaints nil. Mucus in stool little. No mouth ulcer. Mentally a lot better. SL x 20 days.
1st Feb 93-No abdominal complaints. He has acute cold with sneezing and a running nose. No other complaints. SL x 1 months.
Patient is still under observation.