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Case Study

A Case of Amoebic Colitis
Dr Vibha Shah.
` Sulph

Amoebic Colitis is included in the Liver issue, since an improper treatment leads to Hepatic amoebiasis, which if improperly treated may lead to Amoebic abscess. Both these conditions have a high risk of morbidity and mortality. Hence it becomes very important to diagnose and treat intestinal amoebiasis in patients of all age groups, especially since it is almost endemic in Bombay. Even a neonate is not free from it. In additions to the treatment, some personal hygiene is essential for all those who handle food : a regular clipping of nails and washing hands, especially under the nails.

Mr. W C, 28 years old, Catholic and a computer programmer by profession, came with Amoebic dysentery on 24th of March 93. He had brought with him a well written complete history and also gave a clear case,

Chief Complaint:

  1. Stomach pain, with burning and gas formation from spice food and fatty food, which is worse in the afternoon. Tendency to diarrhoea with tremendous urgency in the evening between 7 to 10 PM. Even when normal he has urgency to move in the morning.
  2. Breathlessness when he gets wet, inhales dust and at night especially on lying down.
  3. Urticaria when eating crabs, prawns and drumsticks.
  4. Acne on face after eating spicy and oily stuff and sweets.
  5. Frequent throat complaints.

Physical Generals:
Skin-dry and fair.
Hair-dandruff, very dry and coarse. He never needs to comb it
Mouth-excessive salivation.
Tongue-black discolouration at edges.
Perspiration - profuse, stains the clothes. More in sleep.
Cravings- Fish(3+), Sweets (3+).

Life Situation :
Born in 1965 in Goa. He was the youngest of the four siblings. In 1969, the family came to Bombay. His father was very strict. As a child he feared his father. Eldest brother was very naughty and always got beaten. The patient always tried to be good and not get into the bad books of his father. Hence he had a lot of tension (3+) especially before exams, least he failed. He still remembers his father had some intense problem in the office: one period when the anger was all taken out on the family!

The patient was good in studies and after finishing his BSc in Chemistry, took up a career in Computers. He went to the US for 14 months and is presently in Bombay.

Loses temper very quickly. Get worried easily. Brooding (3+).Obstinate. Fear of failure and dark. Very polite and very particular in reporting his complaints.
Sleep-Salvation (3+) in sleep.
Dreams- of falling(3+)

Physical Factors:
Likes winter and open air. Does not like sun or summer. Covers at night. Takes a hot water bath.
Family History : Renal stone in father and gallstone in mother.
Past History: Dysentery when 4 months old. Helminthiasis.

Rubrics taken:

  1. Fear of dark SR I 487
  2. Fear of failure SR I 499
  3. Brooding SR I115
  4. Dreams falling SR III 296
  5. Spices aggravate SR II 271
  6. Shell fish aggravates SR II286
  7. Sweets aggravate SR I274
  8. Fat aggravates SR II 240
  9. Dust aggravates KR 769
  10. Tongue discolouration black KR 400
  11. Salivation KR 417
  12. Hair Dry -KR 120

The following medicines came high after repertorisation

  1. Calcarea 8 / 12
  2. Phosphorus 8 / 12
  3. Sulphur 7 / 12
  4. Belladonna 7 / 10
  5. Nux Vomica 7 / 10
  6. Arsenic 6 / 14
  7. Lycopodium 6 / 12

Drug Selection :
Sulphur was selected on the following basis-

  1. Hot patient
  2. Urgency in the morning.
  3. Intense craving for sweets.
  4. Flatulence in the morning.
  5. Spices aggravate.
  6. Sweets aggravate.
  7. Skin allergy.
  8. Very dry hair

All these titled the balance in favour of Sulphur.

Treatment and Follow up:-
24-3-93 Sulphur 200 single dose
30-3-93 Acidity better 80 percent. No stomach pain or burning. Placebo
27-4-93 Some gas and cough after taking beer. Sulphur 200 one dose.
4-5-93 No cough. No flatulence. Placebo.
25-5-93 Had spicy food and chillies but no complaints whatsoever. 
15-6-93 stomach pain and burning Sulphur 1M single dose.
22-6-93 Better. Placebo

The patient at present has no complaints and is under observation. He has been on placebo for a month. He gets 1-2 acne in a month. Throat trouble once in 2 months, settles in 2 days even without medicine.