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Case Study

Liver To Knee A Connection
Dr Tirumalacharyulu.
` Bry / Chel

[EDITOR - This case is discussed here, due to the probable connections between an old liver complaint and the current knee joint pain.]

An 18-year old Muslim girl, came with her father, a school headmaster, with severe swelling of the right knee joint. It was swollen and filled with serous fluid. The girl had severe pain which increased on slightest motion. A crackling sound was heard when she walked. Several proposals for marriage had been turned down due to this complaint. She was taken to an allopath who aspirated the fluid. This satisfied the father but within two weeks the problem recurred. This started off a round of doctors and various forms of therapy with no result. When the patient came to me, all efforts on my part to elicit the cause and other details proved in vain.

No relief from Rx:
On the short history and the modalities available, I gave her Bryonia 200, gradually stepping up the potency upto 50M, but it gave no response. I then tried a lot of drugs but all efforts were in vain. Disturbed, I visited the patients house to seek more information. I asked the patient if she felt any typical sensation like crawling, heat coldness, etc.

Finally the light:
She at once explained that she felt that she had a sensation of a small piece of ice in the joint. Back home I looked for Coldness knee joint. In Kents Repertory (pg 961), Chelidonium was the only drug listed. I therefore prescribed Chelidonium-majus 200 tds for three days (9doses). After taking it, her sensation of coldness disappeared. Two days later she came to tell me that the swelling had disappeared. On the third day the pain and crackling sound had disappeared.

Conclusion: Liver to Knee
After this I asked the father whether she had any history of liver trouble. The father recollected "Yes indeed, my child had severe jaundice when she was 6 years of age and she almost died". Thus this case is a good example leading the disease to settle in the knee joint. Here the importance of close questioning is highlighted to elicit PQRS symptoms. The hypothesis gains added weight, as the remedy which helped her is a predominantly liver remedy.