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Case Study

A Case of Gallstone
Dr Aradhana Sachdev.
` Phos

A male patient, Mr.B, 51 years of age came with the complaints of retrosternal burning, loss of appetite, vomiting and eructations, all of which caused a loss of weight by 16 kgs. The complaints were aggravated by fatty food and were better by cold milk and after vomiting.

Physical Generals:
Appetite - Poor since the illness.
Craving - Salty, Cold milk.
Aversion - Sweets
Thirst - Increased for cold water.
Urine, Stool - NAD
Thermal Modality - Chilly
F / H / O - No significant illness.
P / H / O - Umbilical hernia, Inguinal hernia, Fistula in ano.

The patient was a railway employee.He was friendly and affectionate by nature. He always desired company. He loved parties and get together. He would easily impress and attract people. He was also sympathetic and generous. The case was very clearly Phosphorus and referring to select rubrics confirmed the remedy.

An Abdominal Ultrasonography was done and it revealed a small Gallstone. The Gall bladder was also found to be distended.


  1. Affectionate (K 1)
  2. Company desires (K 12)
  3. Sympathetic (K 86)
  4. Anxiety health about (K 7)
  5. Aversion-Sweets
  6. Stomach, desires cold drinks and cold food (K 484)


Treatment and Follow-up:
18th May 91 - Phosphorus 1M one dose at bed time. S L for 1 week 25th May 91 - Appetite improved. Sleep good. SL.
1st JUNE 91- Better. No retrosternal burning. SL.
14th June 91- Patient had an attack of severe abdominal pain. SL.
22 June 91- A repeat Ultrasonography was done. The report did not show evidence of the Gallstone. Possibly the patient passed the stone in the GI tract during the attack of abdominal pain on 14th June due to action of Phosphorus.
30th June 91- Patient better. No abdominalain. Gases however persisted. Arsenic-alb 1M one dose at bedtime was given (complementary to Phosphorus). In a couple of weeks the flatulence disappeared with the patient having started to regain his lost weight. The patient has no complaints till date.