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Case Study

Some Liver Cases

Dr Mirza Anwar Baig.
` Carc / Op / Puls / Tub / Sep / Carc

I present reports of four cases of advanced pathology which were in hopeless conditions; all benefited after homoeopathic treatment.

Case 1: Hepatitis B
A young man aged 26 years from Bombay came to see me with his elder brother on the 11th of February 1992. He was in an advanced stage of jaundice. His serum bilirubin level was 9.40 mg percent and SGPT enzymes highly raised to 3180u / ml. The Australia antigen test was positive. The patient was diagnosed as having Hepatitis B infection. The prognosis was grave. As a last effort he decided to take homoeopathic medicines.

Jaundice was the only sign and he did not describe any other symptom. The only thing which I could observe from his face was an expression of extreme despair and depression. Probably, the patient was aware of the seriousness of his illness. The patients brother was also very anxious.

I got good history from the patient who was unwell since a month. The past history however revealed that he was under a lot of mental stress after his marriage. To escape from the family situation, he took up a construction job away from town. He developed loss of appetite, weakness, malaise and nausea. He also noticed that his urine was turning yellow. He received some treatment from a local doctor without relief.

The patient was of a dark complexion. Unlike his family and relatives he was sensitive and had progressive thinking. He was against the tradition of child marriage as he felt that these traditions retard the progress of a person. The entire state was summed up in his words "Khwaish aur arman dil me rah gauye". He had a lot of dreams and ambition which remained unfulfilled, He said that he was not happy with his married life. He was a victim of child marriage which was against his wishes. The patient believed that this disease was fatal and was beyond any treatment.

Ever since the patient was married he was frustrated and unable to sleep. He occasionally had dreams and sometimes wept in the dreams. He dreamt of the girl of his fantasy.
The symptoms taken were-

  1. Depression and sadness.
  2. Despair of recovery
  3. A / f disappointment in love
  4. Sighing
  5. Desire to escape from the situation
  6. Amorous dreams.

The remedy was Ignatia 200 which was prescribed in a single dose. The dose was again repeated after two weeks.
A month later Carcinosin 200 was given. The paitent then recovered remarkably. The Australia Antigen test was negative after 2 months. All liver functions tests also came normal. Later,Carcinosin 200 was repeated after all tests came negative.

Case 2 : Hepatic Necrosis
A three and a half year old male child was brought on 28th of August 1992. The parents complained that he was not having a proper in take of food since a long time. The child was very weak and used to tremble on walking.

His SGOT and SGPT were raised suggesting necrosis of liver tissue. He was investigated and was under allopathic treatment since two years with no effect. First treated as a case of infective hepatitis, then as toxic liver and finally as tuberculosis. The diagnosis thus could not be certain. The problem had actually started after the child was given Niclosamide for his tapeworm infestation. The contention was that this probably caused a liver damage as a result of which the appetite of the child was reduced causing weight loss and nutritional deficiency.

The child was very weak, dull and timid. He had nightmares and would wake up shrieking and trembling with fear. The nightmares were so severe that neighbours would come to inquire. An interesting observation was that he was frightened of other boys but was aggressive towards his younger brother. H was loquacious and would mutter some of his complaints in sleep. The child also had incontinence of stool as well as urine mainly when he wanted some thing very badly. He would turn aggressive and would pass stool or urine. The child talked to himself when alone. He wanted fan on full. He was usually constipated. He had nasal congestion which caused difficulty in breathing.

To know the origin of the symptoms I decided to interrogate the mother. The history given was that the family had left their ancestral home and were living in a flat. The new locality was populated with a different community. As a result, the mother was very apprehensive and had a lot of fear and felt isolated. During this time the child was 6 months old and on breast feeding. After this, the complaints started. The symptom thus was Ailments from fright in nursing mother. I therefore prescribed Opium 30 single dose. This remarkably improved his health and all his symptoms disappeared.

Case 3 : Cirrhosis
A female child, 6 years of age, came on the 8th of January 1990, in an advanced stage of cirrhosis and ascites. The child had bouts of haematemesis. Her voice was muffled. She had breathlessness on sightest exertion. The girl was medium built and attractive. She initially gave me a very depressed look. When I gave her sympathy and care, she burst into tears. I did not inquire further. Pulsatilla 30 in multiple doses was prescribed and in two months, there was a considerable improvement in the child's health. Then Tuberculinum 200, one dose was given which cured her completely. Although the child was fine, I could not explain to myself the rationale of the prescription and had a nagging doubt, until one day I went through the detailed history of the patient taken by one of my assistants. The history highlighted an important point : when the child was hospitalised in a critical condition, she used to point at Haji Ali Darga a religious and sacred place which was seen from her hospital bed. This the parents mistook as a desire to be taken to the shrine. So, as a last hope, the parents decided to take the child to the shrine. The Immam blessed the child and advised the parents not to lose hope and to take homoeopathic treatment. Though I prescribed the medicine on the single symptom of weeping, the drug also has craving for fresh air and that was what the child was probably indicating while pointing out of the window and not to the shrine.

Case 4 : Hydatid Cyst
A male patient 24 years of age having a dark complexion, came to my clinic with complaints of jaundice since a week. He had already consulted an allopath who investigated and revealed Hydatid cyst of the liver. To confirm the diagnosis a biopsy was recommended. The patient did not want to undergo a biopsy and was in a state of fear. I took a detailed history.

  1. His parents were Diabetic
  2. The patient had also lost a lot of weight with loss of appetite in the past few weeks.

Later jaundice developed and was followed by hematemesis. The patient also had fidgety movements of hands and feet.
I prescribed Sepia 30 three doses in the interval of 12 hours. Within one week the patient recovered quickly.
After a month, a dose of Carcinosin as a prophylactic, was given, on the basis of the fidgety movements.