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Case Study

A Liver Hepatoma and Naturopathy
Dr Prakash Kondekar.

[EDITOR- This case is given here as it is easy to combine appropriate diet along with homoeopathy, for quicker and lasting relief.]

A 50 year old patient brought his CT scan report which indicated a primary liver hepatoma. He had nausea for all sorts of food and had to be compelled to eat by his family members.

The hepatoma had affected the lower lobe of the liver with little effect on the right lobe. However, the posterior portion of liver was not affected. Due to the nausea there was very little intake of food which reduced his weight and led to generalised weakness. As a result the functions of the liver were hampered. An allopathic doctor advised a liver biopsy and an operation if required. It was during this time that the patient visited me for Naturopathic advice.

Treatment :
The patient had taken a lot of medication earlier. The toxic effects of these medications were to be removed first. Hence he was kept fasting for 5 days. During this time he was given Ashgourd juice first and later lime juice. Also given was an enema of Neem water daily. From the 6th day he was given sweet lime juice mixed with vegetable soup and Beet juice for 5 days. Enema repeated on alternate days. After the tenth day, a light semisolid diet of dal-rice was introduced. Every morning he was given 50 cc plum crush (Alubukhar crush). Plum contains Vitamin C and a large amount of pectin. These two substances are very helpful in production of bile and restores liver functions. The patients health started improving. His nausea decreased and his appetite came to normal in two and a half months.