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Case Study

A Case of Filariasis 
Emmanuel Reddy.
` Puls / Mag-p.

A 16 year old female student came on 24th June 1994 with complaints of swelling of right leg from thigh to toes. The swelling occurred once every 5-6 months. It started 4 years ago along with hardness and swelling of inguinal lymph nodes. She also developed chills and fever. About 4-5 days later the fever stopped, but the swelling of the leg increased. At this stage she had chills with severe pain in the right leg. This lasted for 10-12 days, after which the pain subsided. During this time she had ulcers on the swollen leg with bleeding and a yellow discharge. This remained for 2 days. Later the swelling decreased and the ulcers started healing.

Modalities - Pain in left was worse from - slight motion or continuous motion and warmth. It was better in open air, rest and mild pressure.

She also suffered from constipation in which the first stools were hard and later were passed smoothly. She was also thirsty and would take 2 big glasses of water at a time.

Symptoms taken:

  1. Severe chills, with pain.
  2. Yellow discharges
  3. Open air relieves
  4. Chilly patient
  5. Simple motion aggravates
  6. Slight pressure relieves.

Choice of Remedies:

  1. Pulsatilla,
  2. Bryonia

The patient had severe chills along with pain and open air amelioration. It is a characteristic feature of Pulsatilla. Also motion aggravation, mild pressure relieves.

24/6/94 - She was prescribed Pulsatilla 1M single dose and Mag-phos 6X for pain tds along with placebo.
28/6/94 - There was appearance of chill though not as severe.

Treatment - Pulsatilla 1M three doses were given. Mag-phos 6X and Placebocontinued  tds.
10/7/94 - She felt better though the complaints were not relieved completely.
Treatment - Pulsatilla 1M two doses on 10th and 11th day was given followed by placebo.
17/7/94 - Swelling totally subsided. However pain on motion and constipated Persisted.
Treatment - Bryonia 1M single dose was given followed by placebo.
20/7/94 - She is free from all complaints. No medicine prescribed.

A.P. - 516 002.