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Case Study

Malaria With Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sameer Upadhya.
` Daph.

Mr. V, 35 years old businessman, had a history of joint pains 7 years ago, diagnosed as Rheumatoid Arthritis, for which he was given Sulphur 1M. He was free from any complaints since then.

He was very excitable, irritable and very particular about his health - in short a hypochondriac.

Recently he was detected to have Diabetes which is now under control with diet and exercise.

On 22nd June 1994, I was called upon to see him for high grade fever (105 degree F) and rigor. It was the third day of fever. He also had swelling and pain or right knee joint which made him unable to move his leg and compelled him to lie on his bed. He had fever accompanied with chills every morning, lasting throughout the day and decreases in the evening profuse offensive cold perspiration. he has frequent thirst for small quantities of water during fever. He had pain in the epigastrium with sour vomiting worse after eating food.

The arthritis had increased with the fever, causing pain in all the joints, more in the right knee joint. The pain was severe and electric like, shifting rapidly from one joint to another and with a feeling that the pains were going from the joints to the region of the heart. During fever he was sleepless due to severe bone pains and used to take a tablet of Calmpose to induce sleep. He however used to wake up with frightful dreams of animals especially black cats during fever.

Personal History:

Perspiration - ++ very offensive
Thirst - Frequent during fever
Urine - Frequent and offensive -smells like rotten eggs.
Stool - constipated
Sleep - Sleep less with dreams of black cats.
Thermal - Chilly

Lab Investigation:

Peripheral smear for Malaria parasites - Plasmodium Falciparum +

Repertorial Rubrics:

  1. KR 1237 - Dreams of black cat
  2. KR 687 - Urine smells like rotten eggs.


Both these rubrics were covered by - Daphne-indica. Extension of the pain from joints towards the region of the heart could not be found in the repertory but I could get the exact picture of Daphne-indica in Boerickes Materia Medica. I gave it in 30 potency thrice daily for three days.

25th June 1994 - On the second day of taking the medicine he was much relieved of joint pains. The swelling of right knee joint was less and the fever also came down. He could move his right leg without difficulty.

Daphne-indica 30 continued for 2 days.

27th June 1994 - Much better. No joint pain, fever - 99F. No vomiting. No smell in urine and able to walk with very less pain.

Daphne-indica 30 continued for 3 more days.

30th June 1994 - Much better. No fever. No joint pains. No smell in urine. Could walk better.

He is free from pain since the last two months.