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Case Study

Some Cases of Malarial Fever 
Desai C C.
` Bry / Nat-m / Pyr / Rhus-t / Eup-per / Nux-v / Sil.

The following cases of Malaria demonstrate the importance of finding a correct similimum. They also show the efficacy of a single remedy and how quickly homoeopathic remedies act when prescribed correctly on the specific PQRS.


Mrs. ABC, 35 years of age, was admitted at the Govt. Homoeopathic Hospital on 26th March 1976 with chill with rigor since the last 4 months. She had taken allopathic medicines without any relief.

Her screening report was normal. Blood smear taken chill stage showed malarial parasites.

She complained of headache and aching all over during chill. She was constipated and used to pass dry hard stools. She was thirsty and had involuntary dribbling of urine while coughing.

Bryonia 200 followed with Natrum-mur 200 was prescribed, which gave no relief.

On 3rd April 1978, while taking my daily ward round she informed me emphatically that during the chill she always had pain in both the legs. Kents repertory Pg. 1075 lists nine remedies for pain in the legs during chill of which Pyrogen was in 3 marks.

Pyrogen 200 tds was given after which she had no further attack of chill.


A 22 year old boy was admitted on 15th June 1972 at the govt. Homoeopathic Hospital with intermittent fever the previous 6 weeks.

Blood examination done at Mumbadevi hospital for malarial parasites was positive (the specific parasite not mentioned). He also had severe pain in joints during chill.

Kents repertory gives three remedies - Cimex, Ferr-met, and helleborous for pain in joints during chill - all in 2nd grade. Cimex and Helleborous were given without result.

Boenninghausens repertory on page 1046 gives Rhus-tox 5 marks and Calcarea-carb 3 marks for tearing pain in the joints during chill.

Rhus-tox 200 tds was given on 27/6/72.

The next day the fever was less and the intensity of joint pain was reduced. Low grade fever however persisted. Calcarea-carb was given for three days after which there was no complaint.

Case 3:

Mr. ABC, aged 80 got chill with rigor one Sunday afternoon some years ago. He had a similar attack 6 months earlier while at Surat and was treated with Quinine.

I saw him the same night at his house and gave him Lycopodium 200 tds as the chill had come at 4. p.m.

After 48 hours he again had chill and this time it came at 1:30 p.m. He was givenArs-alb 200 and Eup-per 200 without relief.

Blood examination done the next day showed 40 percent Hb and presence of Malarial Parasites.

After 3 attacks of fever, he told me that he had difficult respiration during chill and he also had to cover himself completely from head to toe during the attack of chill.

Allens Therapeutics of fever page 424, lists five remedies for oppressed breathing during chill - Apis, Ars-alb, Bryo, Natrum-mur and Nux-vomica. As he was covering himself completely in chill, Nux-vomica 200 was given on 7th day, after which there was no further attack of Intermittent fever. His Haemoglobin count also improved.


A young boy consulted me 2 years ago for frequent attacks of Malarial fever for the last one year.

He had diarrhoea before chill; chill came in the evening and cough after chill.Pulsatilla 200 and Phosphorus 200 were tried without any help.

A fortnight later he told me that he always had yawning before the chill. In the last paroxysm he had vomiting at the close of chill.

Eupat-per 200 was given based on these two symptoms. After this there has been no recurrence of the malarial fever since the past 2 years. One noteworthy point is that there were no bone pains as is the characteristic of Eup-perf in this patient.

Case 5:

While I was studying in the Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College, a 40 year old lady, residing in our neighbourhood had chill with rigor. When I saw her she had covered herself from head to toe. I prescribed her Nux-vomica. The chill returned again after 48 hours. Thereafter Ars-alb, Natrum-mur and Eup-perf were tried without any success.

A week passed and she once said that she gets perspiration only on the face after the fever.

Silica 200 was given and she had no chill thereafter.