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Case Study

Menopause Some Cases.
Mohan Gune.
` Sabin / Sec / Sabin / Calc / Tril / Sep.

Dr. Lilienthal in his Therapeutics has given the drugs for menopause under the heading - climaxis. Dr. Kent in his repertory has given under the heading menopause, while Dr. Boger lists it under Climacteric.

Dr. Kent while listing the remedies for menopause gives Crot-c, Graphites, Lachesis, Magnesium, Psorinum, Sepia and Sulphur in bold and Agar, Agar, Apis, Arg-n, China, Cocc, Con, Croton, Cycl, Gels, Helon, Murex, Phos, Puls, Sel, Sul-ac, Tab, Verat in italics.

A thorough look at the remedies shows that most of them have bleeding tendencies. Drugs like Crotalus, Erigeron, Ipecac, Lilium-tig, Millefolium, Sabina, Secale-cor, Trillium-p, Ustilago etc. are useful. The mental picture is also important. Drugs like Argentum, Calcarea, Lachesis, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla are common.

Some cases:


Mrs. R, 45 years of age, wife of a military officer suffered from menorrhagia and was advised hysterectomy by the gynecologist.

Bleeding was black, painless and associated with numbness in the extremities.

Secale-cor was prescribed. There was no bleeding thereafter and hysterectomy was averted.


Mrs. YSV, 47 years of age and the wife of a Bank officer, complained of severe pain in the back, radiating to the abdomen, bleeding was worse by movement. She had been advised hysterectomy.

Sabina 30 stopped the bleeding by the third day. She never menstruated thereafter and so after a follow-up of three months, treatment was stopped.


Mrs C, 40 years of age come on 31/7/93 with complaints of menorrhagia since four months (March 93). Bleeding was bright red, mixed with dark clots associated with pain in legs and back.

Aggravation - on standing, movements and till 11 a.m.
Ameliorated - rest by
Obstetric HIstory - She had 3 children - a daughter aged 12 and two sons aged 11 and 9. ALL FTND.
Menstrual History - menses always painful, 28 days cycle, lasting 3-4 days.
Life situation - there was a history of financial loss in March 93 when her husband was forced to shut down his business.
She was given Sabina 200 1 QID and was better after 48 hours.
18/12/93 - Bleeding started again. Sabina 200 QID was continued.
23-12-93 - There was no bleeding.
The next menses appeared on 11th Jan 1994 and again on 2nd feb 1994 both of which lasted for 4 days.
She had no complaints till 31st Oct. 1994 when she had an excess bleeding.

Calcarea-carb 1M was prescribed on the following basis -

  1. Menses worse excitement after (KR 725)
  2. Menses worse physical exertion (KR 725).

She is well and has not reported any complaints since then.


Mrs GG, 48 years of age came from a higher middle class family with complaints of palpitations, mental uneasiness which she could not explain.

She was unable to mix in the society or attend parties which were almost compulsory for her.

She complained of pain in the breast 14-15 days before menses and it used to progressively increase till the menses. All symptoms mental and physical were aggravated before menses.

Leucorrhoea off and on with itching at the external genitalia.

She was short and stout with a fair complexion.

Craving - sweets - Perspiration - profuse Stools - constipated.

Treatment - Calcarea-carb 30 QID.

She was better for a few days but started getting DUB.

Three years later her scanty menses became protracted, though the staining at one time continued for 21 days. The bleeding was in the form of clots with pain in the back radiating to the abdomen.

Sabina 200 1 bd for 6-7 days and then Calcarea-carb 10M every 15 days.

Her mental state or irritability, anxiety, sadness disappeared and the pain in the breast was better. Overall the transformation was most ideal as any other woman would like to have.


  1. Bn 678 - Mental symptoms worse before menses.
  2. Bn 680 - Pain in the breast worse menses before.
  3. BN 680 - Palpitation in the heart worse menses before.
  4. Bn 688 - Itching of external genitalia
  5. BN 688 - Leucorrhoea causes itching.

Calcarea-carb covers 4 symptoms with 13 marks. Conium and Kreosote cover 4 symptoms with 10 marks.


Mrs. JP, obese lady of 47 years came with complaints of excess dysfunctional bleeding since 3 years. Her USG uterus showed bulky uterus and was advised Hysterectomy. On going into details of her case history, she was widow since 15 years having 3 sons and a daughter. She had suppressed desire and had all responsibilities of the family. Her in laws were alive but she had to look after them and not vice versa.

Past History - Lumbar spondylitis. Hyperacidity 20 years ago with a history of severe vomiting diagnosed as Peptic ulcer. She was cured on homoeopathic treatment under my care on Arg-nit.

Presenting Symptoms:

Menstrual flow bright red. Worse on least motion. Has to change pads 7-8 times a day.

Trillium-pendulum was given with good results. After the bleeding stopped, she was put on Sepia 1M.


  1. KR 12 - desires company
  2. KR 92 - Weeps easily
  3. KR 16 - Consolation aggravates
  4. KR 2 anger contradiction from
  5. KR 725 - Menses copious
  6. KR 725 - Menses aggravated from exertion
  7. KR 725 - Menses clotted
  8. KR 720 - Itching genitalia before and after menses
  9. KR 486 - Desires sweets
  10. KR 723 - Leucorrhoea transparent
  11. KR 722 - Leucorrhoea offensive
  12. KR 660 - Must wait for urine to start while urinating.

On the above points Sepia with 27/11 and Calcarea with 22/11 marks were for consideration. She was given Sepia on her mental picture and her characteristic particular of urination retarded and it worked.

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