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Case Study

As Busy As a Bee
Anuradha Chalke.
` Apis.

A 47 year old lady, Mrs. AB consulted me on 20th Nov. 1993 for sudden rash and urticaria since 4 months. She also had recurrent swelling of upper lip. there was black discoloration on her fore-arms of Lichen planus.

Life Space:

She was married at the age of 19 to a man 12 years senior. She has lived all her life in a joint family. Her relation with husband was good. She had two sons and a daughter. Pregnancy had been uneventful.

She spoke very fast with brisk hand movements. Her hands, feet and head were in constant motion. It conveyed to me an impression of Hysteria. So I interviewed the patient alone. Close questioning revealed family conflicts. She had wanted to separate from the joint family but her husband disagreed. They stayed on in this state of disagreement to such a level that nobody except her husband and children spoke to her. She was angry at all of them but would not confront any one.

Her husband was questioned in private and he agreed to the existence of conflicts and said that she too was a strong personality with a jealous streak in her. She was dominating and short tempered. He also confirmed her restlessness. He said that she did several things together at one time and was constantly moving.


Taking into account her age, the heighted irritability and beginning of the changes in the menstrual cycle, this was diagnosed as Menopausal Syndrome.

Physical Generals:

Thermal - Hotter than usual of late.
Desires - Sour, Pickles, tamarind, raw mango, cold drinks.
Menses - which had always appeared with clock work regularity now showed some irregularity. Bloated feeling before menses.
Sleep - Sound, no dreams.
Mind : Irritable of late.

Rubrics Taken:

  1. SR I Pg 19 - Jealousy, ailments from
  2. SR I Pg 677 - Jealousy woman in
  3. SR I Pg 119 - Busy, fruitless
  4. SR I Pg 724 - Menopause
  5. SR I Pg 1321 - Eruptions urticarial
  6. SR II Pg 270 - Desires acids


Date Complaints Treatment

20/11/93 Urticaria Apis 10M/ 1 dose
SL tds x 7 days
30/11/93 no rashes SL tds x 15 days no swelling
2/12/93 no rashes ct all no swelling or discoloration.

No repetition since then and she kept good health. The proof of the improvement was that she brought her sister-in-law to me for treatment.