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Case Study

Two Cases Of Nitric Acid.
Gunavante S M.
` Nit-ac.


Master Deepak K, aged 19, came with the complaint of suppuration of the gland behind the right ear since more than two years. He had been operated by a well known surgeon, but the suppuration had recurred. There was some swelling of the gland, but not much of pain. The discharge was bloody sometimes, and at other times purulent. The case was repertorised as follows:

Suppuration behind the ears (K 318)
Swelling, lymphatic gland behind ear (K 318)
Eruption, vesicles, behind ears (K 288)
Discharge bloody (K 286)
Discharge purulent (K 287)
This repertorisation brought out Nitric acid as the similimum, and so he was given this remedy in 200th potency twice a day for three days and SL for four days. He reported at the end of the week that discharge had stopped. Considering that the complaint had started over two years ago, he was given Nit ac 200 one dose every third day with SL on other days.

As he was apparently trouble free, he did not care to report for a number of months, and came again only when the discharge started again. This time he was given Nit ac 1M dose every week (three doses). This time also he did not report in time, and said he had to study hard for his examinations. As he had no further complaint, he was discharged as cured of his complaint.


Mrs. Priti B. aged 37 came with the complaint of cutting pain in the rectum for six to eight hours after stool. The stool was soft yet difficult to pass, and she had to strain much. She was ameliorated by hot fomentation. She had strong desire for fats, sweets and salty food. Thirst, sleep normal. No anxieties, fears or dislike of any one. She was given Nitric acid 200 BD, for one day, O D for three days and SLfor seven days. At the end of  ten days she was much better improvement started from third day. She wanted medicine because of fear that the trouble may recur. She was therefore given Nitric acid. 1M two doses at 7 days interval. No further treatment required.